Parents Must Say NO to teacher union power in CA…

little red school houseIt has to be parents and community members — not teachers or school administrators — committed to quality education that make the changes in education that the schools need.

Only 1/6 (300 or 1800) local education agencies and only 1/3 of teachers unions backed the CA plan to win the Obama school reform competition. little red school house

The teachers and the unions that represent them did not get on board.

Well, throwing money at problems typically does not solve any problem. Look what Obama’s stimulus money did — no real stimulus. We got government pork-ulus not stimulus And the last “bail-out” that Obama said saved jobs for firemen and police? Nope. That “bailout” money is sewed up tight — for education and medicare. That which come out of Obama”s lips is not to be trusted it appears.

Teacher salaries and benefits have increased dramatically over the last 20 years. Teachers and unions do not say no, this is enough. And they never will.

Who should be at the table deciding teacher salaries?

At that table, every kid should have a representative — their parent. And parents need to coalesce in new ways. Use the Internet to come together as grass roots organizations. Create the equivalent of the Tea Party movement.

What might parents call school reform done by parents and community members not a part of the education establishment? How about Little Red School House … or Back to Basics …. or 180 FULL School Days a Year! the Three R’s … Performance Based Education …

So, visualize a simple red school house with Back to Basics underneath. Or, underneath the picture,e 3 R’s + M & A …. Reading, (W)riting, (A)righmetic ….some people may not know what the 3 R’s stands for!! And then in the picture there has to be some parents with with their kid in front of them….

Goals? Weaken the power of the unions. Reward teachers for performance. Make it possible to fire bad teachers. Get rid of top heavy administrations. Get lean and trim akin to how private schools manage.

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