Firenze Sage: Give a ticket to the union [San Francisco parking tickets]

San Francisco plans to ticket more people to cover budget in red

A ticket is an arrest without being taken into custody. And the City of San Francisco plans to arrest many more residents via more tickets in order to cover its projected deficit.

more San Francisco residents arrested to cover deficit

The new fiscal year doesn’t even begin until July 1, but the Municipal Transportation Agency’s budget for the next two years is already in the red. And the city plans to issue more parking tickets to help close that deficit.

The agency, which controls Muni, parking and traffic, faces a $19.8 million deficit over the next two years.

The deficit is due in large part to labor negotiations that failed to yield the concessions that had been projected when the budget was passed in April.

Instead of wringing $14.6 million in savings out of five unions representing maintenance, clerical and management workers, the agency will spend about $3 million over two years.

If it’s too expensive then penalize the people.
Get mad people.


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  • Ronron4848

    How about cutting out the many  free passes that San Francisco Transportation Agency hands out so freely to its employees.

     And how about the public sitting across from the unions rather than the politicians when contracts are negotiated?

    And how about a free market solution to transporting people rather than pay heaps of top level govt workers more than 100 K a year? 

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