Aptos Psychologist: What if you’re a woman, lost your job and over 50?

Lost your job and over age 50? What to do?

Lost your job? What to do?

Don’t cry over spilt milk when you lose your job and you are over fifty!

You do need to know a few important things.  Per articles that appear regularly in the Wall Street Journal the primier business newspaper:

Businesses hire people who already have jobs.  So if you lost your job — and you are a woman   over 50 –you better get employed so that  you can get a job paid by others.  Or you may decide that working for yourself works  out just fine.

Real life example:  A friend  named  Riley S. Riley  (not her real name)  worked 20+ years as a manager for various bookstores. She managed big budgets successfully. She was well liked and competent at what she did.    Then, due to the financial crash, the  bottom fell out of technical and professional  books and she lost her job.  She loves books and loved her work and has excellent references.  She has an AOL  email account and her husband’s voice, not hers,  is on their  home telephone.

Riley, who has been helping others for years, needs hypothetically a  new hair do and a  new professional appearance.  Doing so is not hard and she can actually have fun doing so.  And so can you.

Here’s how Riley  and others who recently lost a white collar management job can get another one:

  1) Riley  needs a new G-mail account just for her  New Business that will lead to a job working for someone else.

Just go to G-mail and set up a G-Mail account.    In just a couple minutes Riley Riley  or you can set up a new professional appearance.   I set one up in moments for Riley.  Riley’s s new  G-Mail lists her name as Riley.Riley @gmail.com with the password “getajobnow2”  — which by the way is a very Strong password. Do pick a strong password.  Getting your email hacked into is not fun!

Before Riley  or  you pick your new professional name check around and see who else has a name similar  to yours that might get confused with you.  As eventually as part of your new professional appearance you are going to get a small website up and running do make sure that you pick wisely a helpful professional name.  [And if you blow it — you can always go back to square one and start all over with a new G-Mail account. ]

I can just hear Riley Riley  thinking:  I’ve used my AOL  for years so why get a new e-mail account?  Because of the excellent free tools that Google offers with a G-mail account.  That’s why.  You have to try the tools out to know why a G-Mail account is an asset worth having.

2)  Once Riley Riley  — or you — have a G-mail account you can start to used all the free tools available through Google.  And they are many  tools and they are valuable. Start exploring those tools.  More on that later.

3) Next, set up a a letterhead template that fits with your new professional appearance.  Use  Word 2003 onward. Use Word and Center the following information for a letterhead.  Riley  and you can readily get separate telephone numbers and set up simple web sites to display your information.  So that you can see how this can be done I’ve illustrated it with this website.

No reason to re-invent the wheel when all these tools are out there to help you get a job.  See a hypothetical letterhead for Robin-Hood:

Riley S. Riley

Management Consultant for Bookstores

Riley.Riley @gmail.com    Telephone:  831.216.6002

website:  Monterey Bay Forum www.FreedomOK.net/category/books


By the way, the above telephone and web site address is for Aptos Psychologist.  You get the idea how to do it for yourself.

4) Now that Riley Riley and you have a letterhead, go get some inexpensive business cards. Don’t spend a bundle. I will post some links later where to go for inexpensive, good looking business cards.  And always keep a few in a plastic bag in your pocket.

5)  If you have not already done so, join Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter.  These are excellent ways to get your message out and to hear what’s going on out there.

6) Make use of the services your state provides to assist persons to get a job. In  Santa Cruz, CA there is PROFILE which is paid for by taxpayers to assist people to strengthen their job getting abilities. PROFILE will help polish your resumes so they fit the job and you are not looking “over qualified”.  And PROFILE will help you polish your ‘foot in the door’ one minute interview.  And it’s a  nice place to connect with others looking for jobs.

Any one (Riley Riley  or you)  age 50 or over who lives in the Monterey Bay Area  (Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito counties) is welcome to use Monterey Bay Forum  http://www.FreedomOk.net  aa platform to help re-launch your professional career.

Oh, and did you hear President Obama say Friday July 13th (I think)  that no successful person did it by themselves?  Successful people have failed multiple times and did not give up trying.  Successful people have a passion  and they follow their dreams.  Yes, people reach out to others to provide a helping, supportive hand.

So — go be successful at what you know you are good at doing.  Just because you are over 50 and lost your job is simply an opportunity to get a new hair do and use the tools that are readily available to assist you to succeed.

how to get a new G-Mail account: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?service=mail&hl=en_us&continue=http%3A%2F%2Fmail.google.com%2Fmail%2F%3Fpc%3Den-ha-na-us-sk&utm_campaign=en&utm_source=en-ha-na-us-sk&utm_medium=ha

how to get a free word program: https://www.download-free.com/word-processor?source=ga&gclid=CKGbwqeqo7ECFQxshwodkmBJJg

how to contact Santa Cruz PROFILE   http://www.santacruzprofile.org/index.php?content=operating_guidelines

how to set up a free blog:  http://www.blogger.com/

written by DrCameronJackson@gmail.com




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