Aptos Psychologist: Obama’s laughable immigration policy

undocumented persons cross open borders in USA

Obama’s immigration policy shows about as much skill level as Obama  recently demonstrated in basket ball (2 out of 22 shots made the basket). Laughable.

Everybody knows that you don’t put the cart before the horse. But  Obama does so with immigration.

A sensible Immigration Policy:

1) Close the border with Mexico.

2) Require E-verify to ensure  that employees are legally in the U.S.A.

3)  Create a flexible  Guest Worker program based on supply and demand for agriculture, restaurants and tourist industries. See Wall Street Journal, Green-Card Path Seen for Farm Help, April 6-7, 2013.

4) Fine adults & require community service hours for adults who break the existing immigration laws.

5) Do these steps and then put in place a legal pathway to citizenship such as Rubio  suggests. CNN Politics, Jan 12, 2013

The first step is Close the Border.

  Can Obama get behind sensible Immigration Reform?   Nope.  No way can we close the  border with Mexico  says Obama.  Janet Napolitano, in charge of Homeland Security, agrees with her boss.

In my view, Obama’s goal is to turn the 11 million illegals into Democrats who can vote in 2014.  Obama is forever the campaigner and never the national leader of sensible reform.

Other  countries successfully do close their borders.  For example, Israel successfully closed its border with Egypt and just about nobody gets through.

Israel closed its borders with Egypt successfully


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