How to celebrate milestones of children with developmental delays?


How to celebrate milestones of children with developmental delays?

Children with developmental delays frequently do not graduate from high school.

One private school in Santa Cruz, CA which serves largely children with autism is the Bay School.  Per report by a parent, there is no graduation ceremony at the Bay School  when students finish their Senior year. 

So, what to do if a student with developmental delays wants to celebrate completion of high school but there is no ceremony or ritual?

Clearly, here’s an opportunity to innovate.  

innovate & make a ceremoney
innovate & make a meaningful ceremony for children with developmental delays

Make up a ceremony that will be meaningful for your child with delays. Each child is unique so the best person to decide are the parents and family and friends who support this young person leaving high school behind. 

Do you know a child with developmental delays? Find out their birthday and the date that they will formally  finish their Senior year.

Send a card and/or a small gift. Make a phone call. And you might include a fresh flower or two for the parent(s) who has taken this long journey with their child soon to be a grown up.  Below is a post by an MD on the same topic. 

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