Bush made them do it

Obama warns British
Obama warns British about trade agreements


Obama's hollow threats
Obama’s hollow threats to British

Bush made them do it.  Whatever it is.

At the G20, Obama seemed determined to offend everyone, including his least favorite nation, Great Britain.

Obama  repeated his threat that Britain, having voted to leave the EU, would go to the back of the line when it comes to trade agreements with the U.S. But Brexit leaders weren’t buying it.

[A]t the G20 conference in China [Obama] appeared with the new Prime Minister Theresa May. There in China, Obama openly said that the 17 million who backed Brexit were wrong.

But Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, said of Mr Obama’s comments: “Who cares what he says? He’s going. Bye bye.”

He told The Sun: “All the congressmen and senators I’ve spoken to have all said ‘When you’re ready to do a trade deal, we’ll step up to the plate’. We’re both free traders, it will take one or two years.

“The only trade deal the US has in train at the moment is TTIP, and everyone is saying that is dead. Congress won’t ratify it as they would have to make too many compromises to please the EU.

“It’s [Obama’s] vanity project. The truth is, no one really cares what he says.”



 Firenze Sage:  Here Obama  is again winning friends for us all over the world. Looks like Britain has drawn a real red line.

red line for real
red line for a real threat to world safety
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