American politics rigged?The fix is in? Bernie S & Clinton emails


2016 is the year we’ve learned our elections are rigged.   Remember Bernie and Hilary and how the Democrats rigged it against Bernie? And now Hilary and her emails.   FBI now “clears” Hilary after supposedly examining 360,000 emails in just 8 days.  Give us a break.

The Democrats rigged the system against Bernie.
The Democrats rigged the system against Bernie.

What matters:    With deliberate INTENT, Hilary Clinton choose to create a private email server system so she could protect The Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation receives millions of dollars from all sorts of  countries.

The Clinton’s daughter used Clinton Foundation money to pay for her marriage.  Saudi Arabia  — remember that 15 of 19 persons involved in 9/11 were Saudi Arabian citizens —  the Saudi’s received the largest ever arms deal while Hilary was Secretary of State. This is while the Saudis donate millions to The Clinton Foundation while at the same time funding ISIS terrorism.

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