history lesson for the day: black crime due to slavery says Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin makes $13 million a year
Doug Baldwin has a $13 million dollar contract

Black on black crime today  is due to slavery says wide receiver Doug Baldwin.    The wide receiver enjoys a $13 million  contract.

He  recently blamed crime in the African American community on “slavery”. So he said  in a conversation with Dan Leberfeld of Breitbart Sports.
In fact, Baldwin excused away crime in black communities because slavery was “only” eliminated 150 years ago.
Telling people not to get too worried about crime, Baldwin excused it away, saying, “Two-hundred-and-fifty-six years Africans were enslaved, it’s only been 150 years since slavery was abolished. It’s going to take some time.
Firenze Sage:  Why not share for us how you make $13 million  dollars instead of being in chains. What was black crime like in 1948?  Look it up.
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