Obama pays USA debt to Iran with CASH, church rejects CASH as contribution

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cash-in-a-handPresident Obama  sent  planes loaded with only CASH ($1.3 BILLION) to Iran.

It was OK for the USA to pay its debts with cash.

In contrast,  an  episcopal church  in Aptos, CA  recently said in 2016  that its not acceptable  proof to run for church board  for a member to give CASH as a means of donating to the corporate body.

So Obama can pay USA debts with cash but cash given to a church does not signify an acceptable ‘donation’.

The Junior Warden of the  church  stated [one of three Vestry persons on the Nomination Committee]  that it was the interim priest  and the  senior warden  who made the decision. The interim priest and senior warden have not been contacted.

The Bylaws  clearly state that it is the decision of the Nomination Committee as to who is on the list.

So, what’s wrong with CASH?  If good enough for Obama to pay USA bills isn’t CASH good enough as a donation to a church?

See Section 2.A. of the Bylaws which state that the Vestry may establish a requisite minimum level of contribution to the Parish (no less than six (6) months prior to elections.

*****  Per the Bylaws that were operating when the applicant applied,  the Vestry of this church  had  not established any level of contribution.

Back to Obama and  his CASH.  So who counts Obama’s BILLIONS in CASH given to Iran? Nobody of course.

Back to the applicant for episcopal church board in 2016.   Why not  believe what  other church members who say  (and put in writing) i.e.,  that  the applicant in question  regularly contributes cash?  Does it matter how much or to what fund?

widows-miteThe widow’s mite? If an applicant gives a penny, dime or a quarter every time they come —  that’s a regular contribution.




What did Trump say to millions?    Trump said again and again  that the system is rigged.

One way to ‘rig’ the system is to tell potential Episcopal  church board applicants that CASH does not count —  and therefore you cannot stand for election from the floor. The Bylaws sent by email to the Parish do not say that  identifiable money must be paid in order to run for Vestry.

In the past, there have been a number of  issues that relate to communication.  Why cash given to a church does not count  is one of them.

St. John’s Episcopal Church in Aptos, CA operates under  the auspices of   Diocese of El Camino Real in Salinas, CA.    http://www.realepiscopal.org/contact/

written by Monterey Bay Forum, DrCameronJackson@gmail.com     831 688-6002


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Jon Showalter
Jon Showalter

This a bit overstated. Allie is a regular attendee of the parish, but according to the Vestry Nominating Committee did not give identifiable contributions to the Parish. If she can produce witnesses to her cash contributions, then she and you should take such witnesses to the Vestry (Board of Directors). They meet this Tuesday night. St. John’s does not care about the amount of contribution, just that it is identifiable and given to the church and not given to some outreach of the church. It would be like you wanting to give all your taxes to the commerce department. Nice… Read more »