Aptos Psychologist: We [women] are marching to …

women-march-jan-21Aptos Psychologist: Yes, women are marching.

And,  we’re all  for  ‘women’s choice’.  How abut the choice to have babies and work?

How about the ‘choice’ of the unborn child?  The ‘choice’ of the father of the unborn child?

How about the ‘choice’ of taxpayers to fund or not fund  abortions during the third trimester?  Currently, federal law permits abortion into the 9th month of pregnancy.

Women marched this last Sat. 1/21  for all sorts of reasons — for the choices of the unborn child. For privacy rights. For reproductive rights. Thousands of women on the march.

Remember that old song ‘We are marching to …Pretoria, Pretoria …. We are marching…”

Many women for very different reasons  on the march Saturday, Jan 21, 2016.  Did you know …

A feminist group was  unceremoniously expelled from the list of participants from the  Women’s March on Washington, once organizers discovered that the group did not adhere to the strict pro-abortion requirement for marchers.

New Wave Feminists had been chosen as an official partner of the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington, until the Atlantic magazine revealed that the group believes in the right to life of unborn children.


As we see those images of women on the march.  Remember that song from years ago,   “We are marching to…”


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