Aptos Lawyer on Seattle, WA protest: hi ho, it’s off to work we go, with spears and bats


police recover wooden poles and bats
police recover wooden poles and bats

Seattle, WA Trump protest arms with wooden poles and bats.

The Seattle Police Department has recovered “wooden poles, heavy pipes, and shields” from left-wing protesters, amidst anti-Trump and anti-MILO protests taking place in the city.

The Seattle Police Department posted a photograph of several of the recovered items to their Facebook account on Friday evening. They were recovered from protesters in Westlake Park.

Unrest erupted in Seattle on Friday evening partially in response to the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Large crowds of protesters are also gathering at the University of Washington, where an event with Breitbart editor MILO is taking place.

Anarchist protesters carried baseball bats and sharpened sticks with them before they were confiscated by law enforcement in the streets of Seattle.


Another peaceful protest where the marchers will overnite in the Seattle jail.

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