not freezed out, Education DeVos spells freedom of educaton for blacks & Hispanics

Alaska. Frozen vehicles.
Alaska’s  & Maine’s attempts  failed to  freeze out DeVos for Education Secretary.

DeVos was not  freezed out of the Education job by Alaska and Maine.

Both   states receive tons of money from the teachers’ unions and both states voted NO on DeVos for Secretary of Education.

With DeVos as Secretary, many more Black and Hispanic children living in urban cities will have more  choice in education.

Look at the percentage of students now enrolled in public charter only:  Flint, Mich. 53%,  Kansas City 40%,  Philadelphia 30%,  District of Columbia 45%,  Detroit 53%.

In Louisiana charters are at 92%.

Of note,  2020 hopeful President aspirant Cory Booker, a long time supporter of  school choice and Betsy DeVos, voted NO on DeVos.

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