Back to school for older students over 24 & lots of options!

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Older students go back to school and lots of options are out there for them

Maybe that 20 year old son, daughter or young relative  does better to get a  full job and go back with some  work experience under their belt?  Probably true for many.

What’s happening:   According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s back to college for  many older students over 24 and there’s  lots of options!   Lots of choices are out there!    Roughly 40% of the  18 million students enrolled  in 2 and 4 year colleges were over the age of 24 this spring.  Many  of these older students work full time, have families and are looking for flexible courses with online components.

And there are lots of options for older students.  Colorado State University-Global, launched in 2008, now has 19,000 students.

Purdue University bought for-profit Kaplan University which will add about 30,000 students to Purdue’s base.

Western Governors  University — an online university based in Utah — and Arizona State University as well as many tiny liberal arts colleges are scrambling to enroll students outside the 18-24 range.

Comment by Aptos Psychologist:   Whereas Obama’s policies were to close down and put out of business many “for profit” colleges —  under Trump universities’ policies are  changing for the good.  There’s many more options out there for older students over the age of 24. Education coupled with  work experience is the way to go for more and more students.

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