Firenze Sage: Trump causes flu? Get real ….


flu  epidemic sweeps USA

About the flu epidemic in USA:    During Monday’s edition of CNN’s At this Hour, guest host Brianna Keilar brought on the New York Times’ Science and Health reporter Donald McNeil Jr. to discuss the flu epidemic sweeping the nation. McNeil had previously written an article for the Times arguing that President Trump needs to do more to protect public health

When asked about an eight percent drop in the number of Hispanics who received flu shots, McNeil pointed to President Trump’s “hostility to Spanish language and Hispanics” as a possible explanation, in addition to a “cut back in Spanish-language ads.” He then admitted that the facts disproved his wild speculation and that didn’t actually know the reason for the statistic. McNeil’s conjecture serves as a perfect example of a conspiracy theory, which the left always mocks the right for buying into. When the left has no other argument, they will always resort to the race card.


Firneze Sage:  Would you rather have flu or hate Trump?


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