Freedom from USA govt oppression ….

Freedom from USA govt oppression ….  Per a recent poll, roughly 50% of Americans think think that Obama’s FBI spied on Trump prior to his election as President in November, 2016.    That’s government oppression.

Information recently  comes out that the Trump’s short lived NSA director   M. Flynn  never knew that FBI Director Comey testified before Congress that Flynn did not lie.

Yet Flynn may go to jail because the FBI said  that he lied.  And  the FBI/ Justice Dept. charged him with that crime. That’s  government  oppression.

The memos that have come out show that he FBI and Justice Department lied to the FICA court.  Hilary Clinton and the Democrat National Party are responsible for the “dossier” that the FICA court relied on to issue authorization to spy on Trump and associates such as Flynn.    That’s government oppression.

Let’s get to the bottom of this …..  If Hilary Clinton had been elected President the American public would have never known what Obama and his administration did.  It keeps coming out.

writtten by Cameron Jackson

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