Disclose citizenship to prove there is no fraud says Chet Burum’s letter in Santa Cruz Sentinel


voter fraud?   Easy way to prove there’s none!

Slam dunk way to prove there’s no voter fraud!   So writes Chet Burum:

“The Santa Cruz Sentinel  editorial on April 4 expressed concern about the Trump administration’s additional question of a person’s legal or illegal status for the 2020 census.

This information could give the progressive left proof to their claim that there is no truth that illegal immigrants are voting.

Then if they would agree to take dead people and those who no longer live in that district off the voter rolls along with requiring identification at the polls.

All of which would prove there is no voter fraud. This would surely quiet the conservatives. After all, there’s nothing to hide right?

The editorial also speaks of our  CA Attorney General’s claim that requiring an illegal immigrant to disclose their citizenship status is unconstitutional.

Can anyone show me in the constitution where it gives illegal immigrants constitutional rights? They should certainly be treated humanely, as should we all, but still, my question remains. Just a thought.

— Chet Burum, Bonny Doon 

published Friday, April 6, 2018 on the Opinion page, Santa Cruz Sentinel


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