Got ‘pre-existing conditions’? Then you’re like all Blacks

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You  got  ‘pre-existing conditions?   Are you feeling  truly  vulnerable?   Then you  may have something  in common with all American Blacks.

Dr. Jacqui Lewis says life IS a pre-existing condition’ for all Blacks. Her words:

“To live in the USA for Afro-Americans is a pre-existing condition for  1. discrimination  2.  poverty and  3. death.” so says Dr. Lewis. 

Pretty hefty words, right?  She does not recommend ‘sheltering in place’ though that might have saved the lives of the 5-7 Black children shot and killed in recent riots who lived in black neighborhoods and died there.  Those children were killed by violence of blacks against blacks.   Statistics show that Black men (6% of population) commit 50% plus of all USA murders and robberies.    

Dr. Lewis says that  Black Americans live vastly different lives from ‘White’ Americans.  The ‘facts’ she cites include: Blacks are 2 1/2 more likely to be killed by a police officer and  experience 5 times the incarceration rate.

Dr. Lewis’ Anti-Racism Workshop was broadcast via Zoom and publicized by various churches including St. John’s episcopal in Aptos, CA and other episcopal churches.  About 1300 persons attended.

“We must create a Love Relationship” says Dr. Lewis.    Take the Pledge which she  offers to all White persons in America.

   How to Create Love in Action:    1)  Know  Your Story  — how you learned to be ‘White’.  2)   Know The Story  — H ow ‘Whiteness’ is a disease that infects some and affects all of us  3)  Know How to Change the Story.

To give you a flavor of what the workshop was like, here’s a few  quotes from Dr. Lewis:

“Whiteness wants to have it all… Whiteness is a disease that infects some and affects  all of us.  Whiteness built this nation.  Whiteness teaches that indigenous people are better that the nation.Whiteness built empires on the backs of others….”

“We must look at Whitness as the enemy it is…. Whiteness is our enemy…”

“Built into the fabric [of America] is a hatred and disdain   of Black bodies.”  

“We are going to ‘re-story’ race” says Dr. Lewis.  “Since race is a story we can change the story” she says.

My questions:  Does Dr. Lewis, and others who agree with her,  plan to do this peacefully?    There’s zero mention of any responsibility of Blacks for the killing of other Black babies, children and adults.

Where do  Blacks fit in  peacefully — without riots and destruction of life and property — to her Pledge?   Further,    I do seriously question the validity of Dr. Lewis’s “facts’ about life that Blacks experience in America. For example, there’s plenty  of  research that shows that two parent Black families make more money than similar ‘White’ families.

Further,  there’s plenty of research out there that the Black middle class is growing — especially when the male head of family has 1) been in the military / gone to college ;  2)held a full time job;  3) is married.

Were  Dr. Lewis  anywhere accurate,  why do so many people ‘jump the fence’ and do whatever to come here and experience the ‘American Dream’ that all are created equal.

That Dream is a promissory note written to all and still happening.  My view.  And you say?

written by Cameron Jackson   7/7/2020  reply to    licensed psychologist   PSY14762    


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