Bodies piling up in Portland — duh!

In one month — July — there were more homicides in Portland  than in the entire  year for 2019.

That’s what Mayor Wheeler wrought caving in to Antifastan  and Black Lives Matters.

In June, Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland (hereby known as Antifastan) knelt before the rioters of Black Lives Matter and agreed to fire his brand-new white female police chief in favor of a black male lieutenant and cut the cop-shop budget by $7 million. The cuts included the dissolution of the gun-violence reduction team (GVRT).

Mayor Wheeler of Portland said the money would help fund new programs for “communities of color.”

Now the bodies are piling up.

The Portland police union, which has given Wheeler and all of city hall a vote of no confidence, has run the numbers on what this political defunding is doing to the public safety of Portland.

In a news release, the disgruntled officers report that the number of homicides in July alone more than doubled the number of murders for all of 2019. The number of homicide investigations underway is the highest in three decades. 

  • In July alone there were 15 homicides compared to 31 homicides in all of 2019.
  • There were 99 verified shootings in July 2020 compared to 35 in the same month last year.
  • There was a total of 388 shootings in 2019.
  • At the end of July 2020, we are already at 376 shootings year-to-date.
  • Of the 99 shootings last month, there were 38 victims shot (34 males, 4 females, 25 Black, 4 Hispanic, and 9 White).
  • For reference, Portland has averaged approximately 28 homicides per year in 2015-2019.
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