Do as Dutch do? Ditch masks in public? No study show that masks alone work.

No as Dutch do?  Ditch masks in public?  No study shows that masks alone help.  Masks may harm because they provide a false sense of security. And because they can harm because they are contaminated.

Dutch ditch masks in public. Everyone in Holland is  out and about.No masks.

There’s hidden danger to wearing masks said Dr. Birx in April as promote a false sense of security.

From the recent WSJ article:  There’s no solid support that face masks alone has a significant effect in the spread of flu or similar illness  per the six studies published in last decade using randomized trials.

The only trial with reusable cloth masks suggested they’re ineffective.   They could even increase the risk.   People may not wash their masks frequently enough or the masks become moist and contaminated. 

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