White lives don’t matter? Silence about Cannon Hinnant from media …

What country, what city, what town is Daris  Sessons from?  Where was he raised?  Why did he go to prison twice in 2017?

What’s known about Darius Sessons who murdered a five year old white boy?   The boy who lived next door?

So far, all that’s known is that Darius Sessoms is a Black man age 25 who murdered a  five year old white boy, Cannon Hinnant.  Sessons served two prison terms in 2017 and has a court date August 25.     He shot him with a bullet to  the child’s  head and neighbors saw it happen.

The day before, the father and  Darius Sessoms had beer together.   What did they talk about?  What stories did they share?

The silence from the mainstream media about this murder says tons.

Fox News is the only mainstream outlet in the U.S. that has covered Cannon’s gruesome murder. A search for “Cannon Hinnant” produced zero results on the websites of ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, New York Times, the Washington Post, TIME, or Newsweek.

‘White lives’ murdered by Black Lives that Matter   just does not spread the political  narrative of  supposed ‘ systemic racism’  and  ‘white supremacy’  which  corporate media and the Democrats are pushing these days.

So what’s Trending on Twitter?   Take a look at   #SayHisName     #Justicefor Cannon

“Systemic racism” is when nobody in mainstream media will cover Cannon Hinnant’s shocking murder b/c it doesn’t fit their racial narrative ….
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