JABS are NOT a VACCINE says 9th Circuit Court so STOP mandating “the JAB”?

The COVID vaccine was touted  to  prevent getting it and also stop the spread.   But millions have gotten COVID  and  also spread it to others.  

Our COVID  story: My husband got COVID while in hospital and spread it to me when he came home,  I’d already had two JABS because our esteemed MD wrote a newsletter saying, “ONE million will die….” No more jabs since for either of us.  But  in Aptos, CA two major pharmacies have signs outside saying GET your FREE COVID booster.   Your government wants you to keep getting the JAB.  

So what’s your JAB/ COVID story? Got the JAB  and all  boosters and doing everything government says to do?  In the news:   Maxine Waters got several boosters and now getting treatment for pancreatic cancer. 

The alarm bells are ringing:  more and more deaths are mounting up and more and more serious side effects happening.   Slow in emerging the overall damage from ‘the  JAB’ is relentless.   

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