Oiled Seal soon to be released.

Olive, a seal rescured from Monterey Bay recently, will be released back into Monterey Bay soon.  She was covered with black oil naturally gushing up during the recent storms.  To clean her up, she was washed with olive oil.  Hence her name.  Several agencies including the Monterey Bay Acquarium and U.C. Santa Cruz assisted in her rescue.


Move a polling place from garage to school

This case is now before the U.S. Supreme Courtt. How decided may affect how law in enforced in   Monterey County. 

In Austin, Texas, they wanted to move a polling place from a garage to an elementary school.  Seems simple.  They were told that they  first had to get permission from the  U.S. Justice Department Why? Because  Section 5 of the Voting Right Act is imposed on Texas. Section 5 is also imposed on  Monterey County. Justice Kennedy is considered to be the swing vote on the case.  Kennedy tends to be skeptical of race conscious laws. 




. This case will soon come up before the  U.S. Supreme Court.


Support Local Live Theater

James Jackson appears in his seventh  play  in three years  for Golden Crow Productions.  The play is Rat Race.  Jackson plays Donald Sinclair, a flamboyant personality wearing  a flamboyant, purple suit. 

 Rat Race starts April 17.  Location:  Bethany University in Scotts Valley, CA  For more information go to: www.goldencrow.org   You can contact James Jackson at:  jaj48@aol.com

Save your ticket stubs! Email to CameronJacks@gmail.com or call 831 688-6002 that you attended. We will send half the cost of your ticket to the church/worship place of your choice located in Santa Cruz County. Support the arts. And support churches and places of worship.