Santa Cruz County leadership at its worst says Aptos resident Mark Willaman

from Santa Cruz Sentinel, Opinion page, April 8, 2009 [bold added by Cameron Jackson]

“I am the CEO of a software and service firm headquartered in Santa Cruz County. Although profitable, we froze salaries for all employees in 2008 pending a better economy. I took a pay cut. These prudent cuts helped us avoid making a single layoff. So it was with absolute disgust I heard about the pay raises of Santa Cruz executives. Their actions represent everything wrong with our nation and showcase leadership at its worst. In the midst of an historic recession when the county is losing money and cutting budgets, jobs and teachers, these bureaucrats have the audacity to raise their pay. Their excuse? To retain top talent. Hogwash. If they had any talent, the country would not be in its current shape. Where is the accountability? Shame on all of you who took part in this grotesque display of leadership.”
Mark Williams, Aptos


How dumb can you get? Never in Aptos, but YES in San Francisco!

No Aptos, CA smart lawyer would do this!
Get this. A San Francisco attorney changed his vote while serving on a jury because:

1) his wife told him to do so;
2) he went out and looked at the scene of events and thus knew more;
3) to return to work.

Answer: Number three. The lawyer simply wanted to go back to work.

In a possibly unprecedented case, a San Francisco lawyer faces disbarment because he changed his vote to break the deadlock in order to return to work.

This is frm California Bar Journal, April 2009. And what do you think of that?? There is “stupid is” and “stupid does”. This is an example of “stupid does”. And maybe also is “stupid is”.


Move a polling place from garage to school

This case is now before the U.S. Supreme Courtt. How decided may affect how law in enforced in   Monterey County. 

In Austin, Texas, they wanted to move a polling place from a garage to an elementary school.  Seems simple.  They were told that they  first had to get permission from the  U.S. Justice Department Why? Because  Section 5 of the Voting Right Act is imposed on Texas. Section 5 is also imposed on  Monterey County. Justice Kennedy is considered to be the swing vote on the case.  Kennedy tends to be skeptical of race conscious laws. 




. This case will soon come up before the  U.S. Supreme Court.