Public access view of Monterey Bay gone. 2012 UGLY award update for Kingsbury Drive in Aptos …

Aptos UGLY award!

ugly aptos brambles
ugly brambles Aptos,CA 2012

img_2950This spot in Aptos, California on Kingsbury Drive gets the UGLY award.

To the left of the picture was a lookout spot to see Monterey Bay. Now it is ALL brambles.

Update for March, 2012: You can see the KEEP OUT sign in the picture. Public access impossible as still all brambles.

Aptos arrest at 114 Cantebury Drive, low cost housing behind St. John’s Church

img_2941Jay Bradley Holmes, of 114 Cantebury Drive, Aptos, CA was booked into Santa Cruz County jail recently. He was standing outside his house with a gun in his pocket when the police arrieved at 2:45 am. How dumb can you get? He is mad that his wife called 911. He had a stolen gun in his possession and was booked on multiple charges.

Think of the BIG stresses in life: divorce, job loss, death in the family. Husband in jail is another BIG stress. For support for that and other families in the neighborhood, just over the fence is http.//www.sjlife.orgSt. John’s church. St. John’s welcomes all persons.

15 minutes from Aptos, Hawgs Seafood restaurant on Mission St. in Santa Cruz

Anyone eaten repeatedly at Hawgs Seafood in Santa Cruz located at 1917 Mission? Open for lunch Friday, Sat. and Sun. and every day for dinner. How was the calamari for $12? Two other locations over the hill. They use a fat for frying supposedly more heart-friendly than olive oil. No fat even more friendly?

Go to http://www.hawgsseafood.comHawgs Seafood

Aptos starts coalition to pressure Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors to slash government salaries

Troubled by recent government spending?

Join other Aptos residents to pressure local Santa Cruz County government to cut recent HUGE increases in top county salaries. See recent letters to Santa Cruz Sentinel, April 8, 2009.

Of course administrators such as the CEO for County of Santa Cruz has her hand out for more money. You can’t blame people for asking. You can blame those who gave the huge increases. That’s the Board of Supervisors.

Contact Cameron Jackson at for information. Join Facebook and get your friends to add their two cents.

Look for APTOS SLASHER on Facebook. That is Cameron Jackson on Facebook. Together let’s SLASH those HUGE, wasteful increases! Let’s start our Aptos Tea Party opposed to huge increases in gevernment spending. Cameorn Jackson 831 688-6002