Justice denied for 30 years [female genital mutilation in Britain]

   The latest Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) case to make it to court has been dismissed, with the judge claiming the child had denied harm and medical evidence was inconclusive.

The Somali origin father, who lives in Bristol, had allegedly admitted to allowing his seven-year-old daughter to be cut on the clitoris, telling a charity worker it would stop her “feeling sexy all the time”.

However, Judge Julian Lambert described the prosecution’s case against 29-year-old former Uber driver as “deeply troubling” and slammed witnesses as “inconsistent”, the Daily Mail reports.

He also stressed that the child had denied being harmed and dismissed the medical evidence as “wholly inconclusive at its highest”.

Not a single person has been found guilty of FGM offences in Britain, despite the practice being illegal for 30 years, thousands of cases being logged annually, and there being hundreds of successful prosecutions in France.


Firenze Sage:   “The child denied harm.”  It is up to you dear judge to protect children from themselves and scheming adults who greatly influence the child’s opinion. Do you expect the child to denounce the father who permitted her to be attacked   with a razor and who she will go home with  — you idiot!!