how protect liberty in Hong Kong? Boot China from the United Nations says Denise Ho

Kick China out of the U.N for it’s human rights abuses says Denise Ho, popular Hong Kong singer

Individuals who  today stand tall  for freedom and individual liberty  include media owner Jimmy Lai  and popular Hong Kong Singer Denise Ho.

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho recently  appeared before the U.N.’s  Human Rights Council.   Ho   requested that the U.N. boot China out  of the U.N because of it’s human rights abuses.  Abuses include the thousands of Uyghur  Muslims detained in moved for “re-education” purposes in China.

During her remarks,  Denise Ho was interrupted by a Chinese diplomat.   Ho is the type of person China wants to extradite from Hong Kong  back to the mainland for trial because of  free speech  which China does not permit.

The following was printed in the Wall Street Journal 7/10/2019:

“We keep reading about the relentless march of authoritarian government, but the liberal pessimists didn’t reckon with the people of Hong Kong. Against all odds, their recent protests against a bill to allow extradition to Mainland China have forced the Hong Kong government to back down.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam declared on Tuesday that the extradition bill is “dead” and she has no plans to revive it. This is an extraordinary achievement….

“Before Hong Kongers took to the streets, the extradition law looked inevitable. It would have given China the power to pursue critics in Hong Kong by having them arrested and then brought to the Mainland for trial and imprisonment. The millions who protested understood that this law would have meant the end of Hong Kong’s legal protection against China’s politicized courts.

“You can bet Ms. Lam’s masters in Beijing will look for some other way to assert more control over Hong Kong.

And on that score, we were encouraged to see that Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo each met Monday in Washington with Jimmy Lai, a media owner who has been a consistent voice for a free and democratic Hong Kong despite risks to livelihood and limb. The meetings will be noticed and offer encouragement in Hong Kong, where U.S. companies have invested some $81 billion.

“Mr. Lai’s meetings at both State and the White House came on the same day that a popular Hong Kong singer, Denise Ho, appeared before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Denise Ho  was interrupted by a Chinese diplomat after she suggested China should be booted from the U.N. body for its human-rights abuses and called for the council to “convene an urgent session to protect the people of Hong Kong.”

Ms. Ho is the kind of Hong Kong critic that Beijing would love to charge with something and then extradite to the Mainland.

“Constant vigilance is one price of liberty, and Hong Kongers know they’ll have to watch what Beijing and Ms. Lam do next. But meantime the rest of us should cheer the courage and resilience of the Hong Kong people who refused to bow to Beijing’s orders even when their cause looked hopeless.”

[ exerpt above   from the Wall Street Journal, Wed. July 10, 2019   People Power, Hong Kong-Style]


Aptos Psychologist:  China aka Hong Kong’s government  got a ‘black eye’ when millions of people in Hong Kong stood tall for their individual legal freedoms.  Yes,  why not kick China out of the U.N. for it’s human rights abuses.  And do the same  for other countries who consistently abuses human rights.  There’s quite a list of countries who abuse their citizen’s basic human rights.  Maybe the U.N. should fold up and go away?