Firenze Sage: Guess WHO and WHERE? [asylum seekers in Denmark]

   Who  really comes from where seeking asylum in Denmark?

Danish authorities have found that 90 percent   (634 out of 700) asylum seekers under investigation for lying about their identity were claiming to be persecuted minorities in Kuwait but almost all were really from Iraq.

Over the course of several months, Danish authorities investigated the identities of 700 asylum seekers who claimed to be fleeing persecution in Kuwait. The vast majority of them, according to authorities, were from elsewhere and have been given a rejection to their asylum applications and will be deported Jyllands-Posten reports.

Anders Dorph, Deputy Director of the Immigration Service, responsible for asylum called the investigation very important and said, “We have previously seen cases of fraud where they try to lie about having another nationality to gain an advantage, but not to this extent.”


Firenze Sage writes:  And the left whines when we want to check who wants in here.


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