Go to prison to shoot up heroin

go to prison to shoot up heroin

Go to prison to shoot up heroin.

A federal prison in the Canadian province of Alberta is reportedly ready to begin the first supervised drug injection site for prisoners.

A correctional officers’ union says the facility in Drumheller — in the heart of the province’s dinosaur fossil country — could be up and running by the end of June, the National Post reported Friday.

Supervised inflection sites already dot the Canadian urban landscape with numerous programs in operation in cities from Vancouver to Toronto. The sites allow drug addicts to inject themselves with heroin — illegal anywhere in Canada — without fear of police intervention.

The Trudeau government apparently wants to bring that convenience to prison. (RELATED: Trudeau Government Opening Up More Heroin Injection Sites)

The first such site in North America was opened in 2003 in Vancouver, B.C., a city that is currently experiencing record high levels of heroin and opioid overdoses, despite the original facility, and a second, being in operation. Vancouver is also looking at decriminalizing heroin use in a controversial attempt at reducing drug deaths.


Firenze Sage:   Well with the DMV as a model,they’ll probably shoot up veggie burgers.

Donate your salary? Where Trump donates his salary?

Donate your salary?  Where Trump donates his salary?

His first-quarter salary went to the National Park Service, where it was used to preserve part of the Antietam Battlefield.

Trump’s  second-quarter salary was donated to the Department of Education, where it was to be used to host a STEM-focused camp for children.

Trump’s third-quarter salary goes to fight opioid addiction. 

Addiction to various drugs has become a national health crises.

On Thursday, acting HHS Secretary Eric Hargan announced at the day’s press briefing that Trump’s third-quarter salary would be donated to the Department of Health and Human Services. The money will assist with the department’s fight against the opioid epidemic. Hargan said that it will be used to fund a “large-scale public awareness campaign.”

 Trump made the opioid epidemic a big part of his campaign, and he did very well in areas that have been ravaged by the drugs. More Americans died from opioid overdoses in 2016 than during the entire Vietnam War, and the problem has only worsened. Earlier this year, First Lady Melania Trump visited a specialized treatment center in West Virginia for babies who were born addicted to the drug.


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San Francisco Library: how about a first edition syringe?

  librarySan Francisco library  trains staff  to handle persons who overdose on drugs.

library trains staff how handle overdoses
library trains staff how handle overdoses

In addition to checking out and re-shelving books, San Francisco library staffers may soon be trained to give lifesaving medication to reverse overdoses among the growing number of heroin users mixing in with the homeless in and around the Main Library.

The idea surfaced after an addict was found dead in one of the Civic Center library’s restrooms in early February.

San Francisco’s Main Library has become a magnet for the city’s exploding homeless population. Coincidentally or not, the neighborhood has seen epidemic numbers of users of heroin and prescription painkillers – opioids such as codeine, morphine and OxyContin.

In 2016, the Main Library tracked 689 instances of patron misbehavior, ranging from vandalism and altercations to verbal disturbances and drug use[.]

… San Francisco has taken a compassionate approach when dealing with the problem, offering both free and unlimited access to syringes.


Firenze Sage:  Why have a library or a police force or a jail if you simply don’t care.