Take back California’s water from Boxer? Quick!

no-water-higher-food-costEveryone in California  — including Barbara Boxer —  knows we have water problems.  And most individuals  conserve water.

And then we look at what  politicians  such as Boxer do — and don’t do.

Boxer lives in San Francisco and represents California. Surely she could be in contact with whatever is necessary to figure out how to save water when the big storms hit?

Why is government so clueless when it comes to real issues?

One might think so.  Guess again.

One would think that these politicos — such as Barbara Boxer — could   figure out how to save water?

When we have heavy storms why does all the surface water continue to drain into San Francisco Bay due to lack of  surface storage in the Sierras and pumping restrictions to protect the smelt?

Ok, we Californians  love to eat fish. And yes we love our salmon and maybe we love  our smelt.

But our farmers are hurting.  And Barbara Boxer — as usual — has only herself to consider.

Only 852,000 of the 5.5 million  acre-feet of water — only  10 percent — during the first two months of this year was sent to southern California.  Why so little water sent south?     Bureaucrats who operate the pumps keep the water from flowing south to the farmers.

And guess who is sinking a modest water bill that could provide relief to CA farmers?  Barbara Boxer.

Let her know what you think:  save the farmers or save the smelt?  You choose.