So how many noncitizens get removed from Santa Cruz County & San Francisco voter rolls?


How many noncitizens vote in CA sanctuary cities such as Santa Cruz and San Francisco?

Do noncitizens vote in California? How many?   Are they removed from the voting rolls?   Are there more noncitizens voting in certain areas such as  sanctuary cities, i.e. San Francisco and Santa Cruz CA?

Non-citizens  do vote   — according to investigations by Public Interest Legal Foundation — in Texas, Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Public Interest Legal Foundation has built a record case studies uncovering noncitizen voter registration and voting in a growing number of states.

  • In October 2016, PILF found noncitizens registered to vote in Philadelphia. Half of those voted in at least one election.
  • In May 2017, PILF found 5,556 voters removed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as “non-citizens”. Roughly 33% voted. This research followed an initial October 2016 sampling that yielded 1,000 noncitizens.
  • In September 2017, PILF found 1,069 noncitizens within New Jersey’s voter registration system.
  • In October 2017, PILF testified before the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee on the matter of noncitizen voting in the state and encouraged an official review to identify more ineligible voters. Testimony was taken again by the PA Senate State Government Committee in December 2017.
  • In December 2017, PILF put the State of Pennsylvania on notice for failing to release records related to noncitizens removed from the voter rolls. Litigation can commence as early as January 2018.

Comment by Aptos Psychologist Cameron Jackson:  It certainly seems likely that noncitizens vote in California, a state  which makes it relatively  easy for noncitizens to get driver’s licenses and access to many government services.  Maybe it’s time to find out how good the integrity is of our CA voting rolls? CA’s Secretary of State has not been willing to provide information  concerning the integrity of the voter registration system.     

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