Flash! Attorney Kamala Harris never heard of 2nd Amendment

 To maintain our freedoms, Americans have the right to bear arms.  That’s the 2nd Amendment.  Will Kamala Harris’ proposed executive order, were she to become President,  work?  Remember Obama who sent guns across the border to Mexico.
Kamala Harris used a July 13, 2019, tweet to renew her pledge to bypass Congress and enact executive gun control.

Harris tweeted: “Gun violence is the leading cause of death for young Black men in America. We must stop this. When president, I will take executive action to ensure guns do not fall into the wrong hands.”

On April 22, 2019, Breitbart News reported Harris’ plan to give Congress 100 days to pass new gun controls if she wins the White House. Should Congress fail to act, Harris made clear she would simply use executive orders to achieve the gun control she desires.

To date Harris has pledged executive action to require private gun sellers to conduct background checks on their sales, to direct the ATF to take away the license of any gun dealer who breaks the law, and to ban fugitives from buying guns.


Firenze Sage  JAJ48@aol.com     The usual pap. Guns don’t kill, people who shoot them do.


Freedom … to kill? No. Freedom from guns? Not possible. Freedom from violence due to mental illness? Possible.


Take away guns? Medicate persons with violent tendencies?

Murdering  kids at school, youth at universities, parishioners at church and  people at music events.  That’s become a reality of USA life in 2018.  What can we do? Yes there are things we can do.

Yes —  there are drugs that can medicate and control violent urges to kill self and other.

No — it’s not realistic to take away 300 million guns from the U.S. population. Take away the guns is the “answer” according to some.  That is not realistic. Perhaps making it illegal for gun sellers to sell guns that spit out thousands of bullets — that’s possible.

Yes — a number of states have enacted laws so it’s easy to lock up persons who may harm others or themselves (including California).

Yes — shoot back!  That works.   There are stun guns and taser guns and  a variety of ways to arm persons who can “guard” at public places, e.g.,  schools, churches, malls and other places where people congregate.

Yes — use modern surveillance cameras, drones and modern technology  to watch those with known histories of violent histories.   And permit law enforcement to keep track and monitor persons who  post  violent threats via  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So yes — let’s get real.  There are too many young men (so far just men) who choose to kill others.

We must control persons’s with known, long term histories of  violent  urges via appropriate medication and appropriate incarceration.

Don’t ask for a federal government solution.  States must experiment and do what’s right for their citizens.

written by Cameron Jackson   drcameronjackson@gmail.com


Luke 14:26 speaks to jehadist suicide bombers? Young USA adults?

Luke 14:26 speaks to Jehadist suicide bombers?  And  to young USA adults?   Yep.

 The sermon last Sunday  was on Luke 14:26.  Paraphrasing what was read,

you must:

‘hate your family & your own life…. sell all  your possessions …

sell  everything and give it away
sell everything
sell everything you have
yard sale of all oissessuibs
yard sale

carry your cross  …and follow me…”

can't wait to get away
can’t wait to get away












[Large crowds were now traveling with Jesus, and He turned and said to them, 26“If anyone comes to Me anddoes not hate his father and mother and wife and childrenand brothers and sisters — yes, even his own life — he cannot be My disciple. 27And whoever does not carry his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple.…]

What does Luke 14:26 have to do with jehadists?   We know  from the daily news that jehadists suicide bombers hate ….. They  their life and the lives of their families enough to kill.

jehadist kill
jehadist kill

For sure jehadists either have no possessions or are quite willing to sell or give away  all possessions as they take their own life and the lives of others.  And jehadists have ‘taken up their ‘cross’ to ‘follow’ their religious leader.


What about young USA adults?

What about the young Americans who  still live in their parent’s garage, don’t own a car and don’t want to buy stuff.

How about he young USA adults who graduated from college with $60 K debt and don’t have a job to pay off the dept?

college debt
college debt

Lots and lots of young USA adults supported the Democrat candidate that did not get the nomination — millions of young USA adults supported Bernie Sanders.

young USA adults
young USA adults for Bern

 And why?  For one thing, college debt will be forgiven.  And for a second reason, the government will give all of them a “good job” doing some “green type” service to others which will “save the planet”

A lot of young American adults probably do hate living in their parent’s house at age 25.

crowded conditions
crowded conditions
crowded bedroom
crowded bedrooms
crowded bedroom
crowded bedroom

And many young USA adults  do sympathize with Bernie Sanders who was not able to get a job until he was age 40.

Bernie Sanders Didn’t Make a Paycheck Until He Turned 40

Some  young people wonder if they will ever have a job, much less a good paying job.