How to improve public meetings? Require officials state ahead how they plan to vote

Require elected officials state in writing — 24 hours ahead of time — how they plan to vote

The  way current  Council meetings are currently conducted is an abomination .

I suggest that each member of the council be required under penalty of forfeiture of  to submit 24 hours in advance of any meeting a statement in writing which sets forth the member’s  views on issues to be voted upon and contentious issues which are not to be voted upon.

The views are not binding but are for the purpose of alerting the assembled crowd to the position of the particular   council member which would allow a member of the audience to focus his question on the issue at hand. And, furthermore, it would require the councilmember to answer a specific question with respect to his view and why he holds it.

At present we have stone faces unresponsive to public input.

Require officials state how they plan to vote 24 hours ahead.

written by James Jackson


Are CA politicians worth their pepper and SALT (very high State And Local Taxes)

So — are CA politicians worth their pepper and SALT  ( State And Local Taxes = SALT)

States such as California and New York have the highest state and local taxes in the U.S.A.

No longer can people living in high tax states — such as  California and New York — deduct their entire SALT taxes in their entirety from their federal tax bill.  They can only deduct a maximum of  10 K.

As the Bay Area has a handful of counties where homeowners pay high state and local taxes — this matters mightily whether high income homeowners keep paying those rates and  stay in CA.

Thus the underlying question — are CA politicians and their policies worth their SALT? Maybe it’s time to re-consider what CA taxpayers get for their money …..   written by Cameron Jackson 

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