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Monerey Bay Forum

127 Jewell Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
United States (US)
Phone: 831 688 6002
Fax: 831 688 7717
Email: jaj48@aol.com


Legal problems?   Call   attorney James Jackson at 831 688 6002 or email him at   JAJ48@aol.com

James Jackson  has wide experience  in many areas as an attorney — civil, criminal and fraud.

His office is at 127 Jewell Street,  Santa Cruz, CA.  Very close to the Santa Cruz County  court house!

Freedom and liberty  — his  foremost interests.


Some people have difficulties related to Ponzi schemes.  UC Berkeley lays down new rules for college parties.



When not handling  legal cases,  James  reads crime related novels and  trains his German shepherd dog.


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