hey mom can we go skating today? No, Trump built the rink

woolman-ice-rink-central-park-new-york Hey mom can we go skating  today in Central Park?  At the Woolman ice-rink?

No?  Why?  Because Trump built the rink.

A group of liberal moms at an elite New York City school torpedoed an annual ice-skating party.

Why?  Because Donald Trump rebuilt the  rink in the 1980s.

The picture below shows Trump in 1986 when the Woolman ice-rink in New York Central Park  opened under budget and ahead of schedule.

trump-woolman-rink-1986The Dalton School said that the  ice-skating event was shelved due to low participation.

reported anti-Trump sentiment is said to be the real reason the ice-skating caper was cancelled.  When The New York Post asked the school’s parent association president about the allegation, she refused to comment:

Dalton’s PA president, LaMae DeJongh, declined to comment — but sources said the low attendance was due to rampant anti-Trump sentiment at the elite prep school, which boasts alumni such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Trump repaired the ice-rink:  Before Trump took over the project in the 1980s, the Wollman Rink in Central Park was a symbol of government incompetence. The rink’s repairs and renovations went $12 million over budget, contractors botched the amount of concrete needed, and for six years the incomplete rink served as a lightning rod for the press to remind the Ed Koch administration how untamed things were in the city, according to Bloomberg.
When Trump finally took over fixing the Woolman rink in Central Park,  he finished two months ahead of scheduled and $775,000 under budget:

Firenze Sage:    This is almost as stupid as boycotting a hospital wing the Koch brothers donated. Liberals are mindless  — but, oh so principled.


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Sanctuary city lost $410 K school revenue in one day


PVUSD lost $410 K as students refuse to attend one day

PVUSD lost $410 K as students refuse to attend one day — Watsonville, CA sanctuary city

Sanctuary city Watsonville CA school district  PVUSD  lost $410 K  school revenue in one day  —  because 7,600 students failed to attend school on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017.

Students choose freedom of speech over a free, public education provided by CA taxpayers.

On the average it costs about $10,600 to educate a student through public education

Thursday PM there was a Day without Immigrants protest calling on all immigrants to abstain from work, school or shopping.

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not freezed out, Education DeVos spells freedom of educaton for blacks & Hispanics

Read more

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Same Atlanta, GA Congressman for 30 years – what did he do?

john-lewis-two-pictureJohn Lewis – for 30 years he’s represented Atlanta, GA in Congress.   Lewis  takes other congressmen to visit  1960 era civil rights sites.  What has Lewis accomplished?

Education  — Jobs   — Crime in Atlanta, GA:

Education:  In Atlanta, GA  the high school graduation rate is much lower for blacks than whites —  a little over half the blacks graduate compared to over 80 percent of whites.

Jobs:  The unemployment of blacks is three times that of whites.

What about crime?   Sunday, May 6, 2012


Black People Responsible for Virtually All Crime in Atlanta — Judge Marvin Arrington Confirms
 OD has done the tremendous task of compiling the COLOR OF CRIME for the city of Atlanta (looking at statistics from April 2011 to April 2012). The results:

In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.
Source: APD Uniform Crime Reports, Apr 2011 to Apr 2012

Lewis’ District Is Rather Sad

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grandparents alienated/ estranged from grandkids, Aptos CA resources

grandparents-bulliedGrandparents are bullied?  Some relationships between grandchildren and grandparents  become alienated and estranged  for a variety of  reasons.

Come to the meetings  of the Invisible/ Alienated Grandparent Support Group. Next meeting:

Feb. 13, 2016 from 2:30 – 4:00 pm at Christ Lutheran Church, Aptos, CA   10707 Soquel Drive.    Call Pat Hanson 831 601-9195. More info below.     www.invisiblechildren.com

Whereas grandparents   frequently  stabilize, give hope,  and show grandchildren the way they have lived —  sometimes  those relationships break down.

Now there’s resources.

In the Santa Cruz CA area, the Alienated Grandparents Anonymous offers  a  support group.

The support group meets each month  — 2nd Mondays  — from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm   at Christ Lutheran Church in Aptos, CA.  Take the Freedom exit off highway #1 or take Soquel Drive and go all the way to the end, just past the CHP office.

Feb. 13, March 13, April 10, May 8 — 2016

For general  contact info@AGA-Fl.org

Pathansonphd@gmail.com   —

Pat Hanson is the  local person  in Santa Cruz County  to contact.   To contact Pat Hanson:   831 601-9195


P.O.Box 253  Aromas, CA 95004

Monerey Bay Forum

127 Jewell Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
United States (US)
Phone: 831 688 6002
Fax: 831 688 7717
Email: jaj48@aol.com



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Charter schools win: teacher quality, values imparted, discipline

charter-schools-nycUSA public schools do not deliver quality education relative to charter schools or private schools. That’s what the parents think.  And this has been going on for  far too many years.

One way to compare students educated by different kinds of schools  is to examine their math skills.

On a 2016  assessment of math skills of 15 year old students, out of 35 nations the United States tied for 31st place  out of 35 nations.  The USA came out ahead of only  four countries:  Greece, Chile, Turkey and Mexico.

So much for Obama’s Race for the Top? Looks  more like a Slide to the Bottom.

Obama did not publish 2012 data  which  examined  how parents viewed the performance of  charter schools  compared with public schools.  Back in 2012 parents with children enrolled in charter schools  were much more satisfied compared with public schools.  And that trend continues four years later.

As to  2016 news about how parents view schools:   Parents give charter schools  much better marks compared with  public schools.  The parents who give charter schools higher marks are themselves less educated, have a lower percent of home ownership and are much more likely to be black or hispanic in ethnicity.

Public schools, charter schools and private schools are compared  as to what parents think of the  quality of teachers, values imparted  and  overall discipline.  Across the boards the public schools are rated the lowest.

The above comes from a study done by Harvard University reported in the Wall Street Journal 12/13/2016 Trump’s Education Pick: A Win for Public-School Parents




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we don’t know no history: History grads don’t learn USA history

history-usaLearning US history left out of college  history major.

An American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) study – “No U.S. History? How College History Departments Leave the United States out of the Major,” based on requirements and course offerings at 75 leading colleges and universities – found that “the overwhelming majority of America’s most prestigious institutions do not require even the students who major in history to take a single course on United States history or government.” Often “microhistories” are offered to history majors at schools that require these majors to take no U.S. history course: “Modern Addiction: Cigarette Smoking in the 20th Century” (Swarthmore College), “Lawn Boy Meets Valley Girl” (Bowdoin College), “Witchcraft and Possession” (University of Pennsylvania).

 Small wonder, then, that a recent ACTA-commissioned survey found that less than half of college graduates knew that George Washington was the commanding general at Yorktown; that nearly half did not know that Theodore Roosevelt was important to the construction of the Panama Canal; that more than one-third could not place the Civil War in a correct 20-year span or identify Franklin Roosevelt as the architect of the New Deal; that 58 percent did not know that the Battle of the Bulge occurred in World War II; and that nearly half did not know the lengths of the terms of U.S. senators and representatives.
Firenze Sage:  We don’t need no stinking  books,we got college degrees (and no jobs).  I wonder why.
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Boys will be boys. Nyet. Playing soccer at Harvard Univ.


Harvard girls

Harvard soccer girls get rated by boys based on their appearance.  What’s new?  

No more soccer for Harvard boys this year.  The Harvard soccer boys were caught ranking the Harvard  girls —   girl soccer team members  — based on their appearance.  

The Harvard men’s soccer team, which is currently ranked first in the Ivy League, will be forced to forfeit the final two games of their season in addition to any postseason play. Concerns arose after Harvard lawyers found a “scouting report” conducted by members of the 2012 men’s soccer team, which ranked the members of the school’s women’s soccer team based on their physical appearances.

“I was deeply distressed to learn that the appalling actions of the 2012 men’s soccer team were not isolated to one year or the actions of a few individuals,” Harvard President Drew Faust offered in a statement regarding the incident.




Firenze Sage:   Meanwhile,  the woman players are hastily destroying their male rankings.


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Ph.D. in idiocy: “slavery is a white people…thing”




“Slavery is white people…thing” tweets Boston University Saida Grundy,  Assistant Professor of sociology and African-American Studies at Boston University.

Grundy shows stunning ignorance of slavery both past and present in various cultures.  Where was this professor educated?  How was she vetted?

Grundy didn’t stop there.  She asks: “is white people’s new deflection from dealing with slavery that ‘all races have had slaves’ thing? is this the new ‘#AllLivesMatter’?”

Professor Grundy added other enlightening tweets:

“for the record, NO race outside of Europeans had a system that made slavery a *personhood* instead of temporary condition;


blacks keep blacks as slaves in Africa today

Today – blacks keep young male blacks as slaves 

“there is also no race except Europeans who kidnapped and transported human beings in order to enslave them and their offspring for life;

“before Europeans invented it as such, slavery was not a condition that was de facto inherited from parent to child.”



Firenze Sage:   Somewhere in the dusk of history she may find Greek slaves

Greek slave women had short hair

Greek slave women had to have  short hair

or Roman slaves

slavery in Rome

slaves In Roman times 

or Egyptian slaves or even, horror of horrors, African slaves, a word derived from Slavs in the Middle Ages.

modern slavery of Blacks

modern slavery of Blacks by ISIS today 


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Yes, children, evil does exist in North Korea

North Korea

Yes children evil does exist. Yes, the North  Korean government is evil.  In North Korea citizens are warned:  criticism, irony, humor and   sarcasm  are “hostile actions”

People in North Korea  are told that ironic statements “will not be forgiven.”

One  outlawed phrase is ‘this is all America’s fault’ a jibe at the regime’s paranoid obsession blaming the USA for its own failings.

North Korea’s  dictator Kim Jong-un banned his people from using sarcasm  in their everyday conversations in a fresh crackdown on criticism of his leadership.

Mass meetings organized by government officials have been used to issue a chilling warnings   Ironic statements “will not be forgiven”.

Oppressed and starving workers have been told  that satire directed towards the regime  — or indirect criticism hidden behind humor –will be seen as “hostile actions”.

A source in the northern Jagang province near the Chinese border told Radio Free Asia: “One state security official personally organized a meeting to alert local residents to potential ‘hostile actions’ by internal rebellious elements.  The main point of the lecture was ‘keep your mouths shut’.”

The same message was delivered in a meeting held in neighboring Yanggang province on August 28, a source there said.

The official leading the meeting warned those present against being “dragged into internal hostile behavior”.

 The source added: “This habit of the central authorities of blaming the wrong country when a problem’s cause obviously lies elsewhere has led citizens to mock the party.”

Another blacklisted expression is,  “A fool who cannot see the outside world”.

The phrase has been used widely by government workers in the capital Pyongyang who were surprised Kim Jong-un failed to appear at commemorations held in Russia and China to mark the end of the Second World War.

Expressions of public discontent with the brutal regime have become more common in the tightly controlled state this year.




Firenze Sage:  In North  Korea you live your  short life in a concentration camp. It is a hell “where youth and laughter go.”

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