Save water! Use a drip system — here’s how to program the Hunter PRO C for your drip watering system

A drip watering system saves water —  

Save water!   Use a drip system.  Here’s how!   Learn to  program  the Hunter PRO C  and use it for your drip watering system.  Make every drip of water count!


Christ heals yesterday, today & tomorrow -Oct. 13 & 14, Aptos, CA

   Faith Building Event 

Christ Heals Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 

 October 13 & 14, 2017  in Aptos, CA 

 7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA

location:    Resurrection Catholic Community

  Experience healing through music, song, laughter, sharing and listening.

Can you come?     Please let us know!   We have to plan!      email:

              Pancake & Sausage Breakfast   hosted by Boy Scout Troop 609

              Soaking Prayer Music   

              Books from Alliee DeArmond’s  The Word Shop

              Local community groups & singers participate:   

                      The Bells of Joy (to be confirmed in September)


 Revs Hugh Bromiley,

North American Director for the  Order of St. Luke, and Monte Bromiley  speak  on Inner Healing

contact info for Rev. Bromiley:  P.O. Box 38, Staples, Texas 78670  (512) 757 6322

 Information  about  the Faith Building event: 

YouTube:   7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos


        Faith Building Event hosted by Order of St. Luke Chapters:

                    St. John the Baptist Chapter,   125 Canterbury Drive, Aptos

                    St. Mary’s by the Sea Chapter,   146 Central Avenue, Pacific Grove

                    Salinas Chapter,   98 Kip Drive, Salinas

                   Soquel Drive Chapter, 7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos


Come early & beat the traffic!  Enjoy Aptos!   Alternative traffic routes and ‘what to see & do’ will be posted.

More information forthcoming as we get closer to October 13 & 14, 2017   —



Community Garden Aptos CA serene & peaceful

community garden in Aptos Ca

community garden in Aptos Ca

Community garden,  Aptos CA  — serene & peaceful.    831 688  5727

10707 Soquel Drive, Aptos CA 95003

View it.  Experience it.  Walk through it.

The garden is there for you and others who live in   Aptos, CA and near by communities  including  Watsonville,  Freedom, La Selva, Rio del Mar, Soquel,  Capitola and Santa Cruz,  CA  And, yes,  people from Scotts Valley are welcome also.  All are welcome!

Are you on holiday  visiting Aptos, CA?    Or near by areas?   Bring a bag lunch to  the garden.  Walk around. Find the garden by taking the Freedom exit off  Highway #1 and look for the California  Highway Patrol (CHP) office.  The garden is right next door at 10707 Soquel Drive in Aptos.

Here you will find rest.  Serenity.  Peace.

Are you visiting someone ill in the community?  Perhaps you are taking care of  a relative at Dominican Hospital or Watsonville Hospital?  Perhaps you need a breather.  Come to the Aptos Community Garden  for a few minutes of peace, serenity and beauty.

Do you want to garden and like to do so with others?  Garden plots at Aptos Community  Garden are still available. Call 831 688 5727 extension 2 and leave a message.  You will get a call back within 24 hours.  You can also stop by and look around to see which plots are still available. Plots with a small red flag indicate availability.  As of July, 2016   plots including  # 38, 47, 65, 67 72 and  24 are available.

And, do you like or at least tolerate gophers?      We have plenty of gophers  to share! And birds.  And,perhaps,  you may  see owls, hawks  and other critters.

Aptos Community Garden  operates under the 501c3 of  Christ Lutheran Church,  Aptos, CA

Stop by Sundays around 11:15  – noon for  a piece of fruit, cheese and a cookie.

Visitors always welcome.

Christ Lutheran Church in Aptos, CA  welcomes  all   — no exceptions.

Church worship  services are  at 10 am every Sunday.




CA Regional Center fails sniff test

CA Regional Center fails the sniff test.

SARC fails sniff test

CA Regional Center fails sniff test

Consent  is a big deal. Written consent starts many important things such as:  Will you marry me?

 Will you have my child?  Will you co-sign on a loan?

 I  consent that my child  receive special education services.  Yes consent  is a big deal.   For many reasons.


However, when it comes to consent, San Andreas Regional Center fails the sniff test. And this is probably true for other  Regional Centers of which there are 21 in California.

 Exactly how San Andreas Regional Center  fails the sniff test is described below. First, some comments  why consent is so important. Think about consent in general and why  written consent  is important:

Most people understand that consent matters and is a big deal. For example,  everybody goes to the doctor.  Everybody who goes to the doctor has to sign a consent for release of confidential information.  Everybody knows that without  written consent  records cannot be sent electronically.  Thus most people have  some understanding that signed consents matter and are a big deal.

Another example:   Many children get Early Start services.  Early Start services are provided by California regional centers such as San Andreas Regional Center.  Parents  must sign written consent before assessment will start.  No consent signed?  Then no assessment and no services.

Many children who receive  Early Start services improve considerably. Some children, however, make little or very slow progress in their social skills and how well they manage change.

 Some of these slow developing children show  substantial symptoms suggestive of autism.  Early Start is required by law to contact the local public school and set up what is called a “transition” meeting.

Some children with autistic symptoms  may be eligible for ongoing regional center services under the California   Lanterman Act

Given the above,  might think  that before any assessment occurs for Lanterman eligibility for  ongoing services  that someone legally responsible must  give written  consent.  That would logically follow.  But, no.

 Guess what!   No written consent is  obtained by SARC  when children transition  out of Early Start and may be eligible  for  ongoing services.

This is when  CA Regional Center  fails  the sniff test.

 San Andreas Regional Center SARC  does not get written consent  prior to assessing  Early Start children who might be eligible for ongoing services.

 This CA Regional Center  only gets written consent one time  — prior to assessment   Early Start services.

So what?   Does it matter that San Andreas Regional Center  does not get  written consent from  Early Start  children  who might transition to ongoing services at age three?

Yes! No written consent translates into no current medical or school information will be obtained and thus  not  available forreview by  the psychologist  who assesses that child.

And,  as a result a less than minimum report may  be produced  by CA Regional Centers  based on limited  or out of date records.  Does this pass your sniff test?  Nope.

This kind of behavior — where CA Regional Centers  may meet the minimum requirements of the law but fails to implement best practice guide lines for the assessment of autism  –should stop.

 It is time that  all CA regional centers  meet the guidelines recommended by the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for the assessment of autism in young children.  San Andreas Regional Cener  knows what those guidelines are.   It’s time that  this CA Regional Center  met those guidelines willingly.

It all starts with consent.  Yes, consent is a big deal.  And consent leads to obtaining and sharing current information about young children   some of whom have substantial autistic symptoms.  And some of  these children  can and should be eligible under autism  for ongoing  regional center services  at the age of three.

Should the public   and parents require regional centers to get consent prior to assessing for autism?  Yes.   Consent if a big deal for many reasons.  And then act on that consent.   Get up to date, current medical and school records after getting consent.  Yes, consent is big deal and matters.

What you can do:  email your California representatives and say it’s high time that Regional Centers meet best practice guidelines for assessment of autism.  Contact your local public schools and ask them to pressure the Regional Centers to get parent consent and use up to date standardized tests when testing children for autism and other developmental disabilities. And contact the California Department of Developmental Services to put pressure on specific regional centers such as San Andreas so that they will more fully meet best practice guidelines.

Did you know that the former boss of San Andreas Regional Center is now the top boss of the agency (DDS) that writes the best practice guidelines?   He is Santi Rodgers and his email address is available on the DDS site.  Let Mr. Rodgers know that you want best practices used when children are assessed for autism.


Firneze Sage: Would you pick this? [hotel selection]


Internet access more important

What do affluent Americans look for when picking a hotel for vacation?

It’s not beach access, fitness centers or privacy but something far more practical: Internet access, according to the Resonance Report on Affluent Travel and Leisure released Thursday.   

Firenze Sage:  Seems to me that for $500 per night or more I might like something more than what I can get at Starbucks.

book by Firenze Sage aka  attorney James A. Jackson,  Shoveling Smoke: Laws and Regulations Smother Jobs and Economy


Aptos Psychologist: Tell Hillary Clinton it’s better to speak the truth than to lie [Bengazhi]

Victoria Nuland excised terrorist attack

The essential truth — that Islamic terrorists attacked  Bengazhi which resulted in the  murder of 4 Americans   — was excised  from the Rice  Talking Points. It was just a spontaneous demonstration said U.N. Ambassador Rice on five  Sunday talk shows.  How did the change occur?

It happened  due to the  massage of  various emails between CIA, State and the White House. It was done under the control of    Victoria Nuland,  who is close to  Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State.

Yes, it does matter when the government lies to the public.

Remember what happened to Pinnoccho.

Hillary Clinton & Victoria Nuland?

See below the exact language used by Victoria Nuland.


Today ABC News confirmed that State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland raised specific objections to an original CIA draft on the Benghazi massacre.  Nuland pushed her superiors to completely delete numerous references of extremists linked to al-Qa’ida in Benghazi and eastern Libya. She also persuaded more senior officials to delete information on at least five other attacks against foreign interests in Benghazi by unidentified assailants prior to 9-11.

Victoria Nuland & Hilary Clinton

After all, an election was coming up.

Obama officials agreed with Nuland and decided to lie to the American people and claim that the offensive YouTube video was the reason for the attack.

But during her press conference on September 17, 2012, Victoria Nuland told reporters that what Ambassador Risce said on the Sunday talk shows was “very clear, very precise, about what our initial assessment of what happened.”

Victoria Nuland lied.

Here’s the transcript from the State Department:

QUESTION: Toria, in Friday’s briefing, Friday evening, you essentially stated that all questions concerning any aspect of the Benghazi attack – the circumstances surrounding it, the outcome of it, et cetera – would henceforth be directed by you to the FBI since it’s their investigation.

No terrorist attack! Victoria Nuland's nose keeps growing as does Hilary Clinton's.

And yet, on five Sunday shows yesterday, Ambassador Rice, who works for the same agency as you, was giving the latest U.S. assessment of how this event unfolded, specifically by saying we don’t believe it was premeditated or preplanned, and by saying that those with heavy arms and so forth showed up, in essence, as she put it, to hijack an ongoing demonstration.

So my first question for you is: Given that Ambassador Rice is out there talking publicly about it and not referring Bob Schieffer and Chris Wallace and the rest to the FBI, may we consider that we can again begin asking you questions at this podium about the circumstances of the attack? If it’s fair for the Ambassador to discuss it, it should be fair in this room, correct?

MS. NULAND: Well, let me start by reminding you that Ambassador Rice outranks me, as does my own boss, so she is often at liberty to say more than I am. And I guess that’s going to continue to be the case.

What I will say, though, is that Ambassador Rice, in her comments on every network over the weekend, was very clear, very precise, about what our initial assessment of what happened is.
 And this was not just her assessment. It was also an assessment that you’ve heard in comments coming from the intelligence community, in comments coming from the White House. I don’t have anything to give you beyond that.

She also made clear, as I had on Friday, that there is an ongoing FBI investigation. So frankly, I’m not sure that it’s useful to go beyond that. I’m not capable of going beyond that, and we’ll have to just see what the FBI investigation brings us.

QUESTION: You would acknowledge, however, that the account of the events, the preliminary account of the events that Ambassador Rice offered, diverges starkly from the account offered by the Libyan President, correct?

 Well, we’ve heard a number of different things from Libya. I would simply say that what – the comments that Ambassador Rice made accurately reflect our government’s initial assessment.

It’s very clear today that lib Victoria Nuland was not honest with reporters.


Firenze Sage: Dumb Brits!


A study last year found that HALF of 18 to 24-year-olds did not know that Nelson led the British to victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. A similar proportion were unaware the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall.


What’s a Roman daddy?


Hadrian’s Wall, built by Romans, not known by British youth


Odd Bodkins: Gun running by USA

Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious gun running operation resulted in death of Agent Terry & hundreds of Mexicans. Holder refuses to turn over documents. Congress to vote on contempt charges.

The questions abound re Fast and Furious.
Who devised the plan?
Who is in the chain of command?
What did they hope to accomplish?
How did they expect to track weapons without gps devices?
Did anyone raise the question about how the weapons would be tracked?
Why were weapons abandoned at the scene of the crime?
Who authorized wire taps in this caper?
Who was tapped?
What did the taps reveal?
Which Justice Dept fund paid for all this?
Who authorized payment?
Why is any of this subject to executive privilege?

This simply does not make sense. It seems the guns were gone forever which was obvious from the beginning. So what’s the point. Politicians may be this stupid but the cops certainly aren’t. And since when do criminals leave weapons behind at the scene of the crime.


Aptos Psychologist: Try betting your spouse a BMW if can correctly name the most expensive city to live in!

Luanda, capital of Angola most expensive city in the world

And can you name the most expensive city in the world to live? No, not New York and not London. And not Tokyo. It is …. Luanda, capital of Angola.

Luanda, Angloa boat

Luanda, Angola boat

Angola has had its troubles …

And though most people are poor the cost of a hamburger is over $10.00

In Luanda, day laborers make roughly $50 per month, but a hamburger meal costs $12.62, and a two-bedroom apartment is $4,114. So how did these African outposts get so costly? The usual suspects: corruption, graft and a terrible business climate. And wars.

So if I pick up my BMW in Germany how long will it take to drive to Luanda, Angola for a hamburger? As a bird flies it is 4,337 miles from Germany to Angola. And should I want a little different night life one can head south to Nambia or north to Zambia for a little change.


Dog owners are positive force on Santa Cruz beaches

Live Oak Beach Club

Live Oak Beach Club

Frolicking dogs at beach

Frolicking dogs at beach

I live at the beach in Live Oak, CA and am very aware of some of the problems associated with dogs on the beach and understand the concerns addressed in a recent article.

I also believe the incidents are infrequent and in the 10 years I’ve lived here, I have seen a positive change in the attitude of the local dog owner community.

The beach here has long been recognized as an off-leash haven, despite the law, which also prohibits fireworks, littering, glass containers, alcohol and bonfires. I have never seen efforts by the county to monitor activities that include these.

Why punish an entire community of happy frolicking dogs and responsible dog owners for the actions of a few rotten tomatoes? There are other ways to address this issue such as off-leash hours or joining community efforts to promote public awareness and pro-active measures in keeping our beaches and parks clean and safe for everyone.

One such group is Live Oak Beach Club for which information can be found on Facebook.

It’s not unusual to see a group of these local dog owners picking up the trash and broken glass left in smoldering bonfires by drunken revelers from the night before. And no, they don’t leave their waste in bags.

Letter by Marion Morris, member of Life Oak Beach Club, published 1-29-2012 in Santa Cruz Sentinel, B2


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