A rainbow in Aptos Community Garden, taken in Aptos, CA in March 2018

Where does a  rainbow start and end?  This rainbow    hovers over  Aptos Communtiy Garden!

The rainbow  was  taken by one of our Gardeners JoAnn,    in March, 2018.   Wow!

Some Aptos Community Garden plots are available!  Call 831 688-5727 x 2.

Since 2010, the Garden,  located at the end of Soquel Avenue  in Aptos, CA,   offers small plots for people to grow organic  with the opportunity to meet other Gardeners.

You can see the white steeple of Christ Lutheran Church in Aptos, CA in the background.

Lots of things going on at Christ Lutheran.  Services are at 10 AM on Sunday.

written by Cameron Jackson


which RAIL TRAIL best for people living in Santa Cruz County? Still time to tell the RTC what you think!

Which RAIL TRAIL best for people who live in  Santa Cruz County?

Do we want a wide TRAIL  that can handle electric bikes and wheel chairs and walkers or do we want  a narrow trail  along a high fence that preserves the rail tracks for a train that may never happen?

There’s still time for you to tell the Regional Transportation Center what you think.

Measure D — which passed in 2017  — preserves the current  rail tracks and permits only a narrow trail.

Maybe there’s a better solution?  Read and decide.

Click  here   for a comparison of the wide one versus narrow one.

Go to the link below to sign petition.


Thank you Dana Abbott, a gardener with Aptos Community Garden, for providing information.

written by  Cameron Jackson   drcameronjackson@gmail.com


Sanctuary Cities Santa Cruz & Watsonville: Why not follow federal laws which permit ICE to arrest at Local Jails rather than go find them at home, work & in community?

   Sanctuary Cities Santa Cruz & Watsonville:  Why not follow federal laws on the books which permit federal authorities aka  ICE to arrest “bad dudes” in local jails rather than go find them in their homes, work place and community?  Santa Cruz has some of the highest rates of crime in California.

Let’s do what we can to reduce crime in Santa Cruz and Watsonville, California. Below is a link to a FOX news report on ICE activities.



National Statistics on Recidivism — who gets arrested again and again

Bureau of Justice Statistics studies have found high rates of recidivism among released prisoners. One study tracked 404,638 prisoners in 30 states after their release from prison in 2005.[1] The researchers found that:

  • Within three years of release, about two-thirds (67.8 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested.
  • Within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested.
  • Of those prisoners who were rearrested, more than half (56.7 percent) were arrested by the end of the first year.

  • Property offenders were the most likely to be rearrested, with 82.1 percent of released property offenders arrested for a new crime compared with 76.9 percent of drug offenders, 73.6 percent of public order offenders and 71.3 percent of violent offenders.

It’s time that local Santa Cruz county  politicians set policies that save fragile resources.

Per the FOX interview (see above link), the top ICE official says that ICE can process 10 inmates in  in one 8 hour  shift.  Vastly more time and resources are required for ICE  to find the”bad dudes” who were released back on the streets.

Connect with data bases so it’s easier to capture the truly “bad dudes” committing horrific crimes across the USA.

Currently ICE has access to local law enforcement databases, organized by states, such as Arizona and Texas, and metropolitan regions, such as the greater Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. areas. In Arizona, AZLink, the database that experienced the most DHS searches during this period, pools together information from numerous law enforcement agencies across the state.

The person-power required  for ICE  find the “bad dudes” released back into the community  is huge.

ICE targets individuals known to be at certain places in Santa Cruz and Watsonville, CA.    By putting the work on ICE  go find them in the community  generates fears concerning  who else will be picked up.

Releasing “bad dudes” back on the streets puts Santa Cruz county at risk of more crime.

The known rate for re-offending is over  high. Over 50% will be arrested again within one year.  So — by releasing the “bad guys” back on the streets local Santa Cruz and Watsonville Sanctuary City policies are directly responsible for more crime in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and elsewhere in the county.

Aptos Psychologist: 

Let’s hold our local Santa Cruz and Watsonville CA  politicians accountable.  Cooperate with ICE so that  the”bad dudes” — the really “bad dudes” — are put on ice and if appropriate deported. Let’s stop the revolving doors  at our local Santa Cruz and Watsonville  jails wherein those arrested are quickly put back on the streets.  What say you?

written  2/22/18  by Cameron Jackson  drcameronjackson@gmail.com


“Where’s my pond?’ great egret looks around Aptos Community Garden ….



who receives the Body & Blood? Who can vote? Aptos CA Catholics & Episcopalians tighten their rules — very differently

rules tighten differently  at Episcopalian & Catholic churches in Aptos, CA

Aptos CA Catholics and Episcopalians tighten  their rules — in quite different ways.

  Episcopalians pay to pray before voting:

The laying on of hands by an Episcopalian bishop  and the payment of identifiable  money to the church are two of a number of   requirements for members  at St. John’s in Aptos, CA who want to vote Dec. 10, 2017.

  The Rector, Mother Tracy, writes in an email 12/07/2017  that  in order to be “technically” an Episcopalian,   sometime in the past an Episcopalian bishop laid hands in a church service  on the person.   All  who meet various  requirements can vote Dec. 10 for elections to the church board.

Aptos Catholic  christians also tighten their rules:  The last to receive will be first now. Different housekeeping rules will  be  enforced at  Resurrection Catholic Community. The order of who gets served  first is one change.

  Remember  the bible verse,    “The  last will be first —  and the first will be last”? [Matthew 20:16] It’s an apt summary.

   The Eucharistic Ministers at  Resurrection Catholic Community   who assist with the service  — these people  who used to be the  last persons  to receive — will now be first persons   to receive.   Each Eucharistic Minister will  receive from the  Catholic priest prior to   serving others.

It was stated that this is an “old”  Catholic rule  — one of many “shoulds” that need to  be done — that  now  goes into effect at Resurrection Catholic Community in Aptos, CA.    Further,   the tender  care with which any remaining Body and Blood is handled after everyone has received, those rules are tightened.

 So — are there any  Aptos Catholic christians who want to receive directly from their priest?   Ask to serve and be trained  as an Eucharistic Minister. The last to receive will now be first to receive at Resurrection Catholic Community in Aptos.

 At St. John’s episcopal church all attendees standing in a circle  receive the Body from the priest and then they receive the  Blood from an assisting Eucharistic Minister.

Of most importance is participation as the Body of Christ.  All are welcome at St. John’s episcopal and Resurrection catholic community.

Below are photos taken 12/10 on Voting Day at St. John’s episcopal. Great coffee! 

written by Cameron Jackson

Monerey Bay Forum

127 Jewell Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
United States (US)
Phone: 831 688 6002
Fax: 831 688 7717
Email: jaj48@aol.com


Pick those veggies at Aptos Community Garden …

Pick those vegetables at Aptos Community Garden!  Look at those beautiful mustard greens and fava beans!   And clean plots  please. Thanks!    


Christmas Boxes off around the world

Lots of ways to spread Christmas cheer .. These boxes have inflatable soccer balls for kids in far off lands. Coming from Christ Lutheran in Aptos, CA


Bark for Aptos Community Garden coming soon


tarps for bark

Tarps coming soon to cover bark in case of rain.  Aptos Community Garden gets prepared.

.  https://www.freedomok.net/aptoscommunitygarden/


Critters in Aptos Community Garden?


critters in Aptos Community Garden?

So what’s nibbling?  Have to check and see if the peanut butter is gone!  To catch a rat you don’t need a bat!


Protest $2 MILLION Aptos Creek Road plans — move that bus out of lane of traffic & fix ramp?

Move that bus out of the  lane of traffic?     In the proposed Aptos  Creek Road  plans  — at taxpayer expense of $2 MILLION —  the bus cannot fully exit the lane of traffic when stopped.  If the bus cannot fully exit then it sticks out in traffic.  What about the traffic behind the bus?    Those cars just  wait, right?

And the proposed  ramp hard for those with mobility problems?  So put in a ramp but don’t put in one that really works?


The info below was written by Becky Steinbrunner:

“Greetings, All, —
“I am sending this Bcc to those whom I think would be interested.  Please pass the information below to others you think would want to know, as well as on social media and NextDoor.  Sign the Online Petition  to protest using further Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) public money to pay for proposed road work at Aptos Creek Road that is to benefit the Aptos Village LLC developers, when they are paying virtually nothing: ( I could not get a photo of the Aptos Creek Rd. intersection to load onto the petition website)


“Please know that any money you donate to the website DOES NOT go to me, but rather supports Change.org.
******I saw an announcement in today’s Santa Cruz Sentinel ‘Coastlines’ that work will begin on the Trout Gulch intersection railroad crossing next Monday and continue through December 8, with expected delays of 20 minutes.  I looked on the Dept. of Public Works website and found this:


posted November 20, 2017:
 “Work is on break for Thanksgiving holiday following last week’s rain shutdown.
Work will resume on November 27, 2017 on the railroad crossing while switching to a night time schedule, 8 pm to 6 am.  One lane will remain open at all times with flaggers assisting motorists through the intersection during work hours for the safety of construction staff and the community.  A one night closure to lay down rail will need to be completed with more information forthcoming.  The detour route will be Valencia Road via Freedom Boulevard and Trout Gulch Road.
Progress on new bus shelter turnout:”

(photos of the new bus stop that will not be wide enough to allow the bus to fully exit the lane of traffic when stopped, due to required utility setbacks from the rail line)

 Meanwhile, on December 7, 9am (Board Chambers @ 701 Ocean Street) the RTC Board will consider approving an additional $1.9 Million for the Phase II Aptos Village Traffic Improvement Project work at Aptos Creek Road (project application #25).  Even though the RTC has granted $1.2 million to the Phase I work already, with a contingent in last year’s grant to install bike racks, no bike racks are included anywhere in the total County Public Works project areas.  It is also unclear whether there will be Class II bike lanes on Soquel Drive in the Village, with the addition of dedicated turn lanes to accommodate the Aptos Village Project and on-street parallel parking for the existing businesses. The County has consistently ranked this project applicaton area as highest priority for the past three years

The plans for the application #25 project this year were withheld from my Public Records Act request, with Public Works staff stating it was in the best interest of the public not to do so, but I did see a diagram of the work on the screen at the two RTC Committee meetings that I attended.  I could not discern if there will be track replacement in the full Phase II project area, as there has been in the Phase I area (at huge taxpayer expense due to soil contamination problems).

Have you seen the large rail warning light system stored in the back of the Aptos Village Project construction area that is probably going up at Trout Gulch?  It is the same as what you see at State Park Drive railroad crossing.  Ridiculous and expensive.

Please feel free to pass this information on to others whom you think would be interested.  I think we need to get alot of letters to the RTC before December 7 to protest the $1.9 million grant for Phase II and to get people to show up at the December 7 meeting.  Commissioner Jacques Bertrand has already asked staff to investigate the Phase I problems with the relocated #71 Inbound bus stop in the Villag (the 100′-long 5%-grade sidewalk to access the bus stop will present problems for those with mobility challenges).

Write RTC Executive Officer George Dondero <gdondero@sccrtc.org>  Call 460-3200
    RTC Deputy Director Luis Mendez <lmendez@sccrtc.org>
     RTC Chairman Zach Friend <zach.friend@santacruzcounty.us>   Call 454-2200
You can find the e-mail addresses for all RTC Board members here: https://sccrtc.org/about/commission-members
Please speak out on this and be mindful of the upcoming delays to your travels in the Aptos Village area for the next couple of weeks.
Take care,
Becky Steinbruner

Comments:   The public aka Becky Steinbrunner  was told it was in the public’s  best interest NOT to know the proposed bus stop plans in Aptos Creek Village area.    Since when is it ever in the best interest of the public to withhold information about a proposed $2 MILLION tax burden?

Be sure to sign Becky’s Petition.  There are 111 signatures so far.  More the better.


Cleaning locally  ‘the swamp’ might start by requiring all public expenditures and the proposed plans be available via internet?

Cameron Jackson   DrCameronJackson@gmail.com


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