Per Castro: you are free to mourn for 9 booze free days or be shot


9 booze free days to mourn death of Castro

9 booze free days to mourn death of Castro

The nine-day mandatory mourning period continued in Cuba on Tuesday, the designated day for foreign leaders to speak of the legacy of dictator Fidel Castro. Castro’s brother, dictator Raúl, announced the 90-year-old’s death on Friday.

Cuba has imposed a mourning period on its people, though Fidel Castro’s death was widely celebrated by Cubans throughout the world. The government has banned the sales of alcohol to prevent celebrations, as well as prohibited any loud “public activities,” playing of music, or excessive laughter. News anchors have been ordered not to utter the words “good morning,” “good afternoon,” or “good evening” after a communist singer-songwriter took offense at describing any day without Fidel Castro in it as “good.”

Fidel Castro’s ashes will end their tour of the nation in eastern Santiago, where he was born. Before that voyage across the island, however, the government paraded his ashes through the streets of Havana, displayed to throngs of Cubans forced to attend the ceremonial march. The Cuban state propaganda outlet Granma had announced this as an “event of the masses,” and warned over the weekend that all places of employment must permit their workers to leave to attend the events.


Firenze Sage:  No buenos dias here. Or Booze or music or freedom. But the diplomats will meet for a Champagne  lunch at the seaside.


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CNN Symone Sanders on microagressions, whatever they are

Make America Great Again first used by

Make America Great Again was first used by Ronald Reagan

On  “CNN Newsroom,” Symone Sanders argued that Make America Great Again “takes us back to a time when we were in slavery, when we were in chains, when we worked on plantations, internment camps for the Chinese.”

slaves in Virginia 1862

slaves in Virginia 1862

Sanders corrected the Chinese internment statement on Twitter, saying she misspoke and meant to refer to Japanese internment.

 And the last thing I would say is that racism is — a racist is — I think people think racism is dogs and white hoods and water hoses and the n-word, and that is not the only form of racism.

There are microaggressions. There are oh, I didn’t — you speak so well. These are microaggressions that are forms of prejudice and discrimination that we have to address.”

Sanders added that just because a county voted for Obama, and then voted for Trump, “doesn’t mean that they don’t have elements of prejudice, of discrimination, of racism. That is the equivalent of saying I have a black friend.


Firenze Sage: I don’t think that more than 3 non zombies believe that people in chains was the thrust of Make America Great Again, but then maybe Symone Sanders was the spawn of a black slave owner.


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Ohio state killer: Obama just cannot say they are trying to kill us

 somali-state-student-killer  Response to recent Ohio State killings,
Obama’s press secretary says:    

 “Our response to this situation matters….  If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion or if we increase our suspicion of people who practice a particular religion, we are more likely going to contribute to acts of violence than we are to prevent them.”

Obama’s press secretary Earnest said that although there was evidence that the attacker might have been inspired by extremism, his motives were still under investigation.


The attacker posted a message on Facebook that law enforcement officials have released to the public.

“By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday,” he wrote before the attack. “Btw, every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America.”


Firenze Sage:   Another freeloader Muslim who  just cannot control his peaceful instincts.


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we don’t know no history: History grads don’t learn USA history

history-usaLearning US history left out of college  history major.

An American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) study – “No U.S. History? How College History Departments Leave the United States out of the Major,” based on requirements and course offerings at 75 leading colleges and universities – found that “the overwhelming majority of America’s most prestigious institutions do not require even the students who major in history to take a single course on United States history or government.” Often “microhistories” are offered to history majors at schools that require these majors to take no U.S. history course: “Modern Addiction: Cigarette Smoking in the 20th Century” (Swarthmore College), “Lawn Boy Meets Valley Girl” (Bowdoin College), “Witchcraft and Possession” (University of Pennsylvania).

 Small wonder, then, that a recent ACTA-commissioned survey found that less than half of college graduates knew that George Washington was the commanding general at Yorktown; that nearly half did not know that Theodore Roosevelt was important to the construction of the Panama Canal; that more than one-third could not place the Civil War in a correct 20-year span or identify Franklin Roosevelt as the architect of the New Deal; that 58 percent did not know that the Battle of the Bulge occurred in World War II; and that nearly half did not know the lengths of the terms of U.S. senators and representatives.
Firenze Sage:  We don’t need no stinking  books,we got college degrees (and no jobs).  I wonder why.
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history lesson for the day: black crime due to slavery says Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin makes $13 million a year

Doug Baldwin has a $13 million dollar contract

Black on black crime today  is due to slavery says wide receiver Doug Baldwin.    The wide receiver enjoys a $13 million  contract.

He  recently blamed crime in the African American community on “slavery”. So he said  in a conversation with Dan Leberfeld of Breitbart Sports.
In fact, Baldwin excused away crime in black communities because slavery was “only” eliminated 150 years ago.
Telling people not to get too worried about crime, Baldwin excused it away, saying, “Two-hundred-and-fifty-six years Africans were enslaved, it’s only been 150 years since slavery was abolished. It’s going to take some time.
Firenze Sage:  Why not share for us how you make $13 million  dollars instead of being in chains. What was black crime like in 1948?  Look it up.
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an ass supports more asses? donkey carts in Cuba preferred?

donkey-in-cubaIn reaction to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s death,

MSNBC’s Brian Williams said the Cuban people would rather use donkey carts as transportation than the American cars from the 1950s that are still in use.


“It’s still one of those nations where you see donkey carts alongside cars, trucks and buses in downtown Havana —

cuban-man-with-donkey-and-cart-b9y0cp        because that’s exactly what they’d rather have for transportation,” Williams stated Saturday.


Firenze Sage:  This folks is why the news is so hopelessly screwed up.

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insiders too often make – but not follow – the rules?

trump-an-outsiderTired of ‘insiders’ running America? Lots of  voters chose  Trump because he was an ‘outsider’ who might shake things up.

The ‘insiders’ did not follow the rules for upcoming vestry elections of St. John’s, an episcopal church in Aptos, CA.

Pay to pray —  if you want to be on the Vestry says one episcopal  church  having just a few days ago accepted proposed revisions to their Bylaws.   [St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Aptos, CA]

Looks like  another instance of the’insiders’ doing what they want — and not following the ‘rules’ laid out for others.

These Bylaws still have to be approved as legal by the Chancellor for the Diocese  of El Camino Real.  

The Chancellor  for the diocese is Nancy Mahomey Cohen.

Will  the Chancellor for the diocese agree that these proposed  revisions to the Bylaws for St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Aptos are indeed “legal”?

Will legal advise from the diocese agree that it’s  OK to require that potential Vestry members must make a Pledge of identifiable money during the preceding 6 months  to the Corporation  to be on the Vestry?

Her email:

Here’s what happened: 

At an episcopal church level it’s possible to self-nominate or nominate someone else to sit on the church board.

The rules to follow sent by email  on Sept. 29, 2016.

One long time  member followed the rules and submitted a petition to place  another member  on the list  for nominees.   The applicant   ‘an outsider’  strictly  in the sense that  the applicant  was  not nominated by the ‘insiders’ on the  Nomination Committee.

The Clerk appropriately followed the rules, kept the name secret,  and on the correct date  turned over the name of the applicant to the Nominating Committee.

Here’s where the  ‘insiders’   did not follow the rules.  The applicant only had to meet two requirements:  be over the age of 14 and be listed on the Parish Registrar.  The applicant met both conditions.

After receiving the name, the Nominating Committee should have put that name ‘in the basket’.  That’s it.  Job done. Instead, the Nominating Committee (no Chair) decided to turn it over to the interim priest and senior warden.

At the  most recent Vestry meeting  the interim priest said that he was asked by the Nominating Committee to ask the applicant two questions …..  

The Nominating Commitee  — the Vestry — stopped doing its job and turned it over to the interim priest and one warden.  Opps! The insiders did not follow the rules laid on in the Sept. 29 email

Per review of the Bylaws, the Vestry shall nominate a Chair of the Nominating Committee.  When asked,  Junior Warden Andy Pudan  stated that there was no Chair. Andy P. stated that he, Diane Scofield and Vicky Wilson  were on the Nominating Committee.    That meets the Bylaw rules that 3 members from the Vestry be on the Nominating Committee.  [The Bylaws also allow 2 other menbers.]   Another Vestry member Jon Showwalter   (not on the Nominating Committee)  said to the Clerk  that Charles Greenleaf  was an  ‘adviser’  to the Committee.

The most recent Vestry meeting was called to discuss and accept proposed  changes to the Bylaws.  Charles  Greenleaf, who was present as Guest for the preceding two Vestry meetings, was not present at the November 2016 meeting.

take-awayTakeAway from the November, 2016  Vestry meeting:  A Pledge to the church is a requirement if you want to be on the church board.

Maybe someone will review these Bylaws and say No!


written by Cameron Jackson







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thank you President Obama? look at crime statistics

   jail Over the course of roughly  six years, about 207,000   “foreign aliens” were booked into jail in Texas.
Look at the multitude of crimes that they committed.  This is President Obama’s legacy — by not enforcing USA  borders.
 The Texas Department of Public Safety identified 207,076 foreign aliens who were booked into Texas county jails from October 2008 through August 1, 2014. Their term “foreign aliens” includes both foreigners who are in Texas legally and foreigners who entered illegally.
They were accused of 357,884 crimes in those 70 months, including these charges: 4,413 terroristic threats, 60,973 robberies and larcenies, 6,636 vehicle thefts, 78,682 assaults, 12,869 sexual assaults and offenses, 1,113 kidnapping, and 3,089 homicides.

That includes, an average of 1,383 charges of sexual assaults per year, in Texas alone. The real number of rapes and sexual assaults is larger since many victims do not report these crimes.

According to the National Crime and Victimization Survey, 2008-2012, approximately 68% of sexual assault crimes are not reported. So I estimate that foreigners commit roughly 4,000 sexual assaults in Texas each year.

In Texas, roughly 529 foreigners per year were accused of committing murder. Plus, the FBI reports that 36% of homicides nationwide remain unsolved


Firenze Sage:  Well some came out of the shadows.As in lie in wait.

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At last the truth: Do USA Hispanic voters support border control

  border-patrol   Do Hispanics support Trump’s immigration policies on immigration?  Read below and you decide.  
A majority of Hispanic voters said they “support Donald Trump’s immigration policies,” undercutting the narrative that enforcing immigration law will drive away Latinos, one exit poll found.
The poll, conducted from Nov. 9 to Nov. 10 by Zogby Analytics for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), found 58.5 percent of Hispanic voters favored President-Elect Donald Trump’s immigration policies, compared to 32.9 percent for failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Of all voters, 57.4 percent  Latinos  said they support Trump’s immigration policies, with 38.4 percent backing Clinton’s.


Firenze Sage:  This answers the question of whether or not Latin workers want to compete with illegals who undercut wages for citizens.

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stack the deck? ‘Members’ pay? St. John’s, Aptos


Deck stacked who is a member & who can serve on church board?

Deck stacked who is a church  member & who can serve on the  church board?

What’s in the national news? Power.

Winners and losers.

The reality of power. Will the powerful have their own way? What agenda will be followed?

And there’s similiar  news at St. John’s Episcopal church in Aptos, CA.  

Power.  Winners and losers. Will the powerful have their own way? What agenda will be followed?

Read below and you decide.

To discuss and accept revisions to  the church Bylaws and nominations for the board,  the church Vestry held a meeting Nov. 22, 2016 at 6:45.

Very short   ‘notice’ of the November Vestry meeting:    An email was sent  the afternoon   of 11/22 which stated   that a Vestry meeting was happening at 6:45 pm that day.   No prior  notice of the Nov. Vestry meeting put on the church website or in the 11/20/2016  church bulletin.

At the beginning of the meeting C. Jackson asked that two handouts be given and discussed. One is a Letter from a member which states that she regularly sees the monies given weekly  by an applicant for Vestry.  The other  is a Statement  by C. Jackson detailing reasons why an  applicant meets criteria for nomination ‘from the floor’.

Both handouts were passed out to  all of the Vestry members present at the beginning of the meeting.  [The Treasurer came later —  and did not  hear what C.  Jackson said nor  did she  receive the two handouts.]

Early on in the meeting  the Vestry  discussed  the criteria persons who self-nominate  must meet to  run for election to the corporate board of the Parish.

The  current  Bylaws  rules  state that any contributing member who gets X number of persons to support  them can  stand for elections from the floor.

The existing Bylaws are ambiguous. They   do not  define  a ‘Member’ as someone who has  donated money via a specified manner , i.e., via a Pledge or  putting in the collection basket an envelope  containing money with one’s name on it.

C. Jackson was given the opportunity to speak and stated that overall communications need to improve.  In the past, there have been allegations of  possible spiritual abuse and not taking care of staff and volunteers. No discussion of these allegations or how they were being addressed had been discussed at the last 2 Vestry meetings stated Jackson.

One way to improve communication during  church meetings was suggested by Jackson:   Simple changes in communication:   Use  a format of

“I feel  [        ] when [    |    ] happens”   reduces finger pointing and encourages individuals to take responsibility for their feelings.

Notice and Agendas:   C. Jackson noted that providing better  Notice of meetings,  and providing  Agendas ahead of time will improve communication.

C. Jackson asked:  Does this church want to tell the world that you gotta pay money via a Pledge  to be considered a Member and  ‘be one of us’?   

Stacking the deck:   Controlling who can stand for election is one way to ‘stack the deck’.  At the national level many people are aware that the Democrat National Party ‘stacked the deck’ in favor of Hilary.  The system is rigged claimed Bernie Sanders.

Will the current Vestry   successfully  stack the deck — shape in advance —  the church elections on Dec. 4, 2016?   Who can stand for election and who cannot is one way to ‘stack the deck’.  


   wafer-aaDid you know?   Under the new, revised Bylaws to be a ‘member’  you must take communion 3 times ….  Who will count the wafers eaten?

Of course proof of Communion will be on the honor system.  What about proof of giving/ donating also on the honor system?   

See pg. 20 of the Dec. 20, 2016 church bulletin:  No Notice is in the bulletin concerning upcoming Vestry meeting in two days.  The next Vestry meeting is listed as Dec. 14, 2016.

To summarize:  Very short notice was  given to the congregation  that  who is a church  “Member”  becomes  ….  You have to Pay  to Pray as a   ‘Member’ of the Corporation.   

good-housekeepingIf the Vestry makes these changes then   — after the fact —  the church gives itself a Good Housekeeping stamp of approval for current nominations and proposed changes to the Bylaws.

National politics:  Remember how Donna Brazile  during one of the debates  fed questions ahead of time to Hilary?  Donna later got fired.

During the election cycle,  the Democrat  operatives  –called journalists  — shaped what the general public got in the way of news.  Similarly, their are  ‘church operatives’  which shape the “news” that the church attendees get.

‘Don’t publicize this stuff’  a few people said to C. Jackson.   ‘It makes the church  look bad’ they said.   Oh?  My response:  Then read and re-read the Book of Acts.   The apostle Paul had a lot to say  about  the early Saint/ Sinners and their antics:  including dishonesty,  laziness and mis-guided actions.

So — who will be the winners and losers  at St. John’s Episcopal church in Aptos, CA?  

**** The Vestry decides  at the Tuesday, Nov. 22 meeting  at  6:45 pm (in the Cafe)   whether to change the rules  — or stay  with the existing rules.   Come if you are able. What do you think?  Here’s the names to contact:    

Billl Kell –  Senior Warden (appointed by Merritt)

Andy Pudan – Junior Warden (elected by Vestry)

Jane Dawson – Adult Education

Diane Scofield – Outreach

Suzanne Krakover-Nickel  – Stewardship

Jon Showalter – Building & Grounds

Vicky Wilson – Hospitality

Andrea Seitz – Newcomers

Debra Spencer – Worship

Anne Baker – Treasurer

Eileen Fernald – Finance

Peter Goodman – Children & Youth

Nancy Shephard – Clerk


Back to basics:  Who is a ‘member’ of an Episcopalian church?

To become an Episcopalian — what does a person have to do?  The following is from Forward Movement which is a general resource for Episcopalians.


“How Can I become a Member of the Episcopal Church? How can you become a member? First of all, we would love to have you join Grace and Holy Trinity Church! Please contact the Rev. Bo Millner or Carolyn Chilton and they will be happy to help you.

“Here is some general information about membership in the Church. Baptism makes us members of the Church. And, we can then live into the meaning of our baptism within specific congregations and Christian denominations. The five sections below will spell this out more fully.

1. “Most importantly, the sacrament of Holy Baptism, makes you a member of the Universal Christian Church. The Episcopal Church recognizes as Christian all persons who have been baptized with water and in the name of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

2. “If you were baptized into the Universal Church in an Episcopal congregation then, in addition to becoming a member of the Universal Church, you were enrolled as a member of that particular congregation and also became an “Episcopalian.” You are member at the church where you were baptized until death or until you transfer to another congregation. So, if you were baptized at Grace and Holy Trinity Church, you are a baptized member here. If you have asked that the record of your baptism be transferred here, then you are a member here as well.

3. “If you were baptized with water and in the name of the Trinity in another Christian communion or denomination, you can become a member of Grace and Holy Trinity Church by asking that your letter of baptism be transferred so that you can be enrolled on the books of this parish. This makes you a baptized member of the Episcopal Church in general and a member of Grace and Holy Trinity Church specifically.

4. “All baptized members are encouraged to receive the sacrament of confirmation, either when they reach maturity or in connection with baptism if they are baptized as adults. In confirmation ‘we express a mature commitment to Christ and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop.’ After confirmation, a person is a confirmed member.

5. “If you were baptized and confirmed in another church you may be received (rather than reconfirmed) by a bishop of The Episcopal Church. This makes you a confirmed member of The Episcopal Church.

Adult (16 years of age and older), confirmed, communicants in good standing (you have been faithful in attending corporate worship and in praying, working, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God) may vote for Vestry (the ruling body of the congregation), run for the Vestry and represent the congregation in the diocese.

“We hope this answers some of your questions. And we encourage you to be in touch. You are most welcome at Grace and Holy Trinity Church! (Much of the information above was taken from the Forward Movement brochure on “Membership in the Episcopal Church”. Forward Movement is an official, non-profit agency of The Episcopal Church and is sustained through sales of tracts and through tax-free contributions. They can be reached at 300 West Fourth Street, Cinicinnati, OH 45202-2666, 800-543-1813;

written by Cameron Jackson, Ph.D., J.D.


Any questions about the above?  Happy to chat!  

Monerey Bay Forum

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Santa Cruz, CA 95060
United States (US)
Phone: 831 688 6002
Fax: 831 688 7717

There's a Live Chat function on this site. Happy to chat!

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