Ok boys move the plastic ban where it belongs rather than Butte Montana

Rivers that pollute oceans with plastic

 Ok boys move the plastic ban where it belongs – rather than Butte Montana.

China  responsible for 1/3 of world’s plastic which pollutes the  oceans.

Shocking report reveals that 95% of plastic polluting the world’s oceans comes from just TEN rivers including the Ganges and Niger.

  • Scientists analysed data on plastic from 79 sampling sites along 57 rivers
  • Their results showed that 10 rivers account for the majority of plastic 
  • Eight of these are in Asia, including the Yangtze and Indus rivers
  • Targeting these rivers could halve the amount of plastic waste, experts predict

More than half of the plastic waste that flows into the oceans comes from just five countries: China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

The only industrialized western country on the list of top 20 plastic polluters is the United States at No. 20.

The U.S. and Europe are not mismanaging their collected waste, so the plastic trash coming from those countries is due to litter, researchers said.

China is responsible for 28%, the U.S. for only 1 percent.   While China is responsible for 2.4 million tons of plastic that makes its way into the ocean, nearly 28 percent of the world total, the United States contributes just 77,000 tons, which is less than one percent, according to the study published in the journal Science.


Yangtze East China Sea Asia

Indus Arabian Sea Asia

Yellow River Yellow Sea Asia

Hai He Yellow Sea Asia

Nile Mediterranean Africa

Ganges Bay of Bengal Asia

Pearl River South China Sea Asia

Amur Sea of Okhotsk Asia

Niger Gulf of Guinea Africa

Mekong South China Sea Asia


  Firenze Sage:   All the plastic beachcombers can now head to the Ganges where real pollution exist


firenze sage–Black football player finds no racism in Mexico

Taking a knee  — during a football game in Mexico.

Before the NFL game in Mexico City between the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch demonstrated an historic cluelessness.

Running back Lynch  takes knee protesting U.S. anthem in Mexico and stands for Mexican flag

Lynch, a regular kneeler this year during the playing of the national anthem before the games, actually stood for the Mexican national anthem — before protesting the U.S.  flag by taking a knee.

What  black football running back Lynch does not know about skin color and racism in Mexico —  skin color  dominates  Mexican society.

Overall, one’s skin color is the major determinant of that person’s place in  Mexican society- educationally, occupationally, connection-wise and status-wise. Dating back almost 500 years to when the Spanish conquistadors’ blood began mixing with that of the indigenous population, in Mexico lighter skinned people have been considered to be more desirable, more worthy and more beautiful than darker skinned individuals.

Just take a look at who is employed where. Generally speaking, the most sought after, best, most important and highest paid jobs are disproportionately filled by those that have the lightest skin. Lighter skinned persons dominate such professional fields as medicine, dentistry, engineering and architecture. The same can be said about the upper echelons of politics and in academia. Conversely, the lowest paying jobs and those with the least social status such as housekeepers/maids, construction workers, street vendors, restaurant kitchen workers, and public transportation employees are unfortunately the “birth right” of those with darker skin.

Nowhere is this racial/ethnic discriminatory dichotomy in Mexico  more visually apparent than in the worlds of entertainment and advertising. In the country’s numerous and popular telenovas/soap operas usually the lead roles are portrayed by light skinned performers with darker skinned persons normally portraying “subservient” roles as maids, cooks or gardeners or “villains” such as criminals.

How could that running back not know?  Get a bite to eat  for an hour in any small taco/ burrito shop in the U.S.  with Mexican music and TV playing.   One does not have to go to Mexico to see how light skin is depicted via TV.


   Firenze Sage:   It is not racism that is the problem. Let us start with ignorance.



How help starving Venezuela children?

How help starving Venezuela children?   How get milk and food to starving children? See various links below you can contact.

The grim reality facing mothers in Venezuela:  “They say their children cry all day and they can only give them water.  They are dying.”  So says Maritza Landaeta coordinator of Caracas based non-profit Bengoa which works to aid Venezuelans in food and nutritional needs since 2000.

In some parts of the country 50% of  the children have left school because of hunger. The website Estimulo reports that the average person in Caracas Venezuela  has lost 30 pounds since the beginning of 2016.

The Catholic aid organization Caritas Venezuela estimates that 14.5% of children under age five suffer from moderate or severe malnutrition.

Food is controlled and votes are bought.  To receive food rations Venezuelans must carry a government issued license available only to those approved by the regime.

The above is based on an article 11/20/2017 in the Wall Street Journal  by Mary O’Grady Venezuela Is Starting Its People.

Cameron Jackson   drcameronjackson@gmail.com



“The Science Guy” Bill Nye on frozen heat


“The science guy”‘s  facts are wrong — on sex and frozen  heat

Minus 454 degrees — that’s really frozen — is ‘toasty warm’ says ‘the science guy’ Bill Nye.   Redditers were not fans of the answers Bill Nye “the science guy” gave in an AMA.

They grilled former children’s show host Bill Nye  for dodging questions and giving inaccurate answers.

Bill Nye held the AMA on Wednesday to promote his upcoming documentary. Nye says his goal is to end “anti-scientific thinking,” but Reddit users were left less than satisfied with answers “the science guy”  gave to their questions.


Redditers couldn’t resist going after Nye for saying science is “true whether you believe it or not.” Commenters quickly pointed to Nye’s less-than-scientific claim that gender is a spectrum, and not binary.

Right off the bat Nye got hit for saying 3 Kelvins was “toasty warm, referring to the temperature of space. One savvy commenter noted 3 Kelvins is about the same as   -454 degrees Fahrenheit.” That’s really frozen.


Firenze Sage:   Beware global warming experts in witch hats.


Defrocked Catholic priest Christopher Coleman trains to be Psychoanalyst

A defrocked Catholic priest trains to be a Psychoanalyst.     Per article in the New York Times, the Roman Catholic Church recently lists the  names of eight  priests, defrocked for child abuse,  who might –  as they are alive  –  pose a danger. One of them  is Christopher Coleman.

Other defrocked priests  include  James Lara who  lost his job a couple days ago  as professor at Arizona State University and Charles M. Mangini,  age 79; he is   retired and  lives in Old Bridge, N.J

On  his Twitter page,  Christopher Lee Coleman  (brchris8)  states that  he is a ‘Psychoanalyst  in Training’. On his  Linked In page, Coleman  lists  training starting  in  2012 at the  Center for Modern Psychoanalytic  Studies. A minimum of 400 hours of clinical supervision is part of the training for Psychoanalyst at the Center.   

Does   the Center for  Modern Psychanalytic  Studies    know that Coleman is a de-frocked Catholic priest?

What  image comes to mind when thinking about Freud and psycho-analysis?   For some,  a  couch comes to mind.    written by Cameron Jackson


yard waste woes – truck from Santa Cruz to Monterey County?


yard waste — how far should it travel?

Wonder where your yard waste goes?

yard waste to travel to Monterey County — wonder why ?

Santa Cruz County plans to export  yard  waste  to Monterey County.  Wonder why?

“Willful waste makes woeful want” — 1556.    Curious what others do with their waste?   You can see exactly where your waste goes in Seattle,  Washington.


Becky Steinweiner writes:

“Does it make sense to you that 100% of the County’s 43,000 tons of yard waste be trucked to Monterey County, perhaps to San Lucas?  Does it make sense to you that NONE of that material would most likely return to Santa Cruz County?  Why would Public Works want to recommend the Board of Supervisors approve a contract that would multiply the carbon footprint of the composting program, and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions with all that trucking and remove a viable operation and jobs from Santa Cruz County?  Please write and call the Board of Supervisors and insist all yard waste recycling/composting stay in Santa Cruz County at the Buena Vista site and to give the contract to Vision Recycling:  454-2200″

Think it’s best to keep our yard waste local?  People to contact include:

compiled by Cameron Jackson, Monterey Bay Forum



How to protest $3 MILLION for traffic light Aptos Creek Road — don’t want to pay?

$3  MILLION for traffic light at Aptos Creek Road — don’t want to pay? What to do?

Don’t want to pay $3 MILLION for proposed  traffic light at Aptos Creek Road in Aptos, CA?     What you can do  —

Call by phone.  Send emails.  Collect signatures. Tell others to protest.

 Sign  the on-line petition:

By sending email to the Regional Transportation Commission the RCC  gathers email  into a log which goes to all the commissioners.  The commissioners already know this is a HOT topic.  This is one way to let government know.
It’s also important to contact your supervisor —  that’s Zack Friend for the Aptos area.  And contact the Santa Cruz Planning Office.  The person there to contact is Steve Wiesner, Assistant Director of Public Works.   Here’s how.
 1) Regional Transportation Commission   info@sccrtc.org      2) Steve Wiesner  (831) 454-2794   with Santa Cruz County Planning Office  and 3) Supervisor  Zack Friend  zack.friend@co.santa-cruz.ca.us
Steve Wiesner (831) 454-2794  — You can leave a message and ask for his e-mail address.
Call the RTC at 831-460-3200 and ask for Director George Dondero or Deputy Director Luis Mendez
Call Public Works at 831-454-2160  and ask for Director John Presleigh or Christine Berge, Information Officer
Call Supervisor Zach Friend at 831-454-2200
written by Cameron Jackson   DrCameronJackson@gmail.com
Below info was written by Becky Steinbruner  —  important to collect signatures and info on meetings

Becky Steinweiner — how to  protest proposed  $3 MILLION cost for a  traffic light at Aptos Creek Road in Aptos, CA

Hi, All,
Thanks to all of you for your good work.  I want to gather petition signatures against funding that $3 million traffic light at Aptos Creek Road.  Do you want to help circulate it?  Please let me know.

We need to have a good number of signatures or letters ready by November 13 for the first of three Regional Transportation Commission (RTC)  Committee meetings where the application will be considered.  Here is the schedule of those meetings (all are at the RTC Office on 1523 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz 95060):

Monday, November 13, 6pm Bike Committee  (Cory Caletti <ccaletti@sccrtc.org>)
Tuesday, November 14  1:30pm  Elderly & Disabled Committee  (Grace Blakeslee <gblakeslee@sccrtc.org>)
Thursday, November 16   1:30pm  Inter-Agency Transportaion Committee (Yesenia Parra <yparra@sccrtc.org>)

You can call the RTC Office at 460-3200 to express your thoughts about having to pay for a $3 million traffic light at Aptos Creek Road for Swenson.

I think there are other things included in the package, but the County Department of Public Works refuses to allow me to see the project plans.  Maybe you will have better luck: Christine Berge <christine.berge@santacruzcounty.us> or 454-2160.

I have been wondering if the RTC board meetings are recorded by CTV and finally looked.

Yes!  Here is the link:


You can also watch the Metro Board meeting for Sept. 22 at about marker 65 to see Metro Operations Officer Mr. Ciro Aguirre’s explanation of the expensive Aptos Village bus stop relocation.  I later recorded him at the RTC Elderly & Disabled Committe saying that the only reason the bus stop is being moved is to provide parking for the businesses.  That You/tube will be up for viewing later this week.

RTC Commissioner Bertand asked during the October 5 meeting that the RTC staff look into the problems at the Aptos Village bus stop relocation because the RTC funded the project but the 100′-long access at 5% slope is not good for disabled passengers.  That comment was omitted from the minutes, but Commissioner Bertrand agreed (at my request)  to re-state his request during the November 3 meeting and will submit that request in writing for the record before the December 7 meeting.  The RTC Board will be approving the grant applications at the December 7 meeting.



Please pass this information on to anyone you think would be interested.
Take care,

First Baptist Church murders: San Antonio hero grabs gun & chases bad guy Devin Kelley

first baptist murders  — two stand tall and confront the murderer

By our actions – we are known.  Two Americans  stands tall.  What we know so far:

The bad guy  who murdered 25+ people , including the 14 year old  daughter of the Pastor,  is Devin Patrick Kelley, a  26-year-old white male, of New Braunfels, a suburb of San Antonio,

Besides those murdered, many more are hospitalized and some in serious condition.

Kelly  was discharged from the military related to charges of abuse to his wife and child.

Kelly  knew people who were members of the church.

  •  Kelly was as found dead in a crashed car after a brief chase following the shooting
  • Was dressed in all black, tactical gear with a ballistics belt and multiple weapons in his car
  • Fired outside the church, then went into the church and continued to fire
  • Resident near the church intervened, and knocked the gun out of Kelley’s hands, then chased him in his car
  • Kelley showed off an AR-15 rifle on Facebook recently
  • Served in the military in ‘cargo, demand and supply and distribution’ but was dishonorably discharged
  • Was married and believed to have taught a Bible studies at Kingsville First Baptist Church

On Sunday, Kelley was spotted moments before the shooting, at around 11.20am, at a Valero gas station, ‘dressed in all black, tactical gear, wearing a ballistics belt’.

In a press conference, Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director Freeman Martin, said Kelley had then ‘crossed the street to the church, exited his vehicle and began firing on the church. He moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire, and entered the church and continued to fire.’

But as he left the church, the unnamed local hero risked his life to stop him.

‘A local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect,’ Martin said. ‘The suspect dropped his rifle, which was a Ruger assault type rifle, and fled from the church.

He and another local citizen pursued the subject at that time.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5052163/Up-27-shot-Texas-church-gunman-opens-fire.html#ixzz4xctyNxVn

above info compiled by Cameron Jackson


Russian internet trolls sow discord & oppose Trump after the election


Russian firm — Internet Research Agency — continues to churn out discord via Facebook

Long term Russian interference:  Before and after 2016 elections the  Russian internet trolls sowed discord.

After the 2016  election,  Russian trolls opposed Trump–  writing posts that Trump  is  not a  legitimate President.  So we learn today from Facebook  lawyers testifying about Russian manipulation of Facebook via political ads.

One Russian firm — Internet Research Agency — churned out  80,000 (80 K) posts on Facebook  from Jan. 2015 through August 2017. “Most of these posts and ads are deeply disturbing” says Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch.  “Coming from foreign actors using fake accounts is simply unacceptable.”

Internet Research Agency pits groups against other groups.  

Per the WSJ Oct. 31 2017, Facebook, Google and Twitter will divulge new details showing the scope of Russian backed manipulation both before and after the 2016 elections.

Twitter and Google testify Nov. 1 2017 in front of the House and Senate intelligence committees which are conducting probes to uncover what happened during the campaign for President.

Lawyers for Facebook testify that Russians sought to de-legitimize the Trump Presidency after the elections.

So how does this square with mainstream media’s narrative for this past year  of collusion by Trump with Russia? It does not square.

written by Cameron Jackson based on various sources




Allahu Akbar! Murder in Lower Manhattan New York on Oct. 31


“God  –Allah — is Great!”  and  8 are now dead. Those words were  shouted  by a terrorist in Manhattan Oct 31, 2017. His rental truck struck bike riders from behind.

Shout  Allahu Akbar!  —  and too often some  people die.  Murdered.   Near the World Trade Center   eight people were killed and a dozen were  hospitalized  Oct. 31, 2017.

Terror fomented by ISIS.

Those who died come from many places.   One Belgium was killed and three injured. Argentine citizens are among the dead.

Today, Oct. 31,  an ISIS terrorist attack via  an  rental truck plowed through helpless riders on a Lower Manhattan bike path.

The driver originally  from  Uzbekistan,  Sayfrillo Saipov,  yelled “Allahu Akbar!” — Arabic for “God is great!” — after running the riders down from behind, their mangled bodies left scattered behind his runaway white pickup.

The 29-year-old suspect, Sayfrillo Saipov, 

described as Middle Eastern, was arrested after a hero police officer shot him in the abdomen  following a crash between the truck and a school bus.

Saipov  was waving an paintball gun and had  a pellet gun when cops reached the scene.  He  has  worked for Uber as a driver  and has lived a number of years  in Tampa, Florida. Two businesses are registered in his name.

He has lived in the U.S. since 2010.    The terrorist  left behind handwritten notes pledging loyalty to ISIS with an image of an ISIS flag inside his vehicle.


Comment:    Is Islam  still portrayed as a religion of peace?  Mangled pieces  of people — carnage in Manhattan  — does not make that image credible. Read Wafa Sultan’s impressions of Islam.

written by Cameron Jackson



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