Healing Prayer and Aging gracefully …

   healing prayer pink colorAging Gracefully with the Graces of Healing Prayer written by Anglican priest William DeArteaga.

“At a conference we attended at Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville Florida, Dr MacNutt spoke about healing and aging. He is among the most distinguished figures of the Christian healing renewal, and is now 90 years old. He observed that it is more difficult to pray for the healing of certain age related illness. Thus for instance, it is usually not effective to pray over a bald man in his 60s and expect his hair to grow back as if he were in his 20s. It seems that we are designed to run down in the body even as we continue to grow spiritually (2 Cor 5:1-5).

Dr MacNutt at 90 years old.
He now uses a cane to assist in walking

Prayer cannot nullify aging. But on the other hand it can make aging a gentle process, with much less pain and discomfort and less medications than normal. I became aware of this personally in my last check-up at the VA. I noticed men my age and younger go off with bagfuls of prescriptions for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. I have two prescriptions that help control my enlarged prostate – that is all.

Prayer enables the Christian to transit into “elders” of ministry with grace and ease, as in my case, from  pastor to writer and conference speaker.

Yours truly on the job as an OSL speaker

My wife Carolyn was at first skeptical of MacNutt’s theory about the difficulty age related healing prayer. But we both came to understand its wisdom when we began a ministry at an assisted nursing home. The folks there naturally had all sorts of medical problems, some quite serious. Our ministry had some successes, but less than at our normal church healing missions. Many of the older people had various stages of arthritis and we were able to pray relief to many of them. Carolyn has always had a gift of praying against pain, and was very helpful in this area. But only a few major healings were accomplished. One  woman had Tourette syndrome, which causes involuntary movements and vocalizing.  She was was healed of this affliction after repeated prayers over many weeks (Carolyn has the gift of divine stubbornness in prayer.). Another lady with rapid macular degeneration had the disease stop, but not reversed.
Carolyn praying over one of the people at the assisted living facility.

But now let me share some of the ways that prayer has softened and graced our aging processes. We use healing prayer on ourselves with great success. Even before we married we prayed for each other regularly. When I first met Carolyn she suffered regular bouts of headaches. After several times praying over her, and teaching he how to pray for herself, they stopped completely.[1]  There is no cessationist obstruction in our home (the theology that wrongly affirms that healing prayer ceased with the death of the Apostles).[2] Besides continuously praying for one another, supplements have also played a role in our “graceful aging.”


Aptos Psychologist:  The above is written by William DeArteaga.  Find more on his blog.  Yes, healing prayer helps people to age gracefully.

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healing: being in the presence of God



Practicing the Presence of God for Healing
An Alternative Way to Celebrate Christian Healing in a Public Format
By The Ven. Larry Mitchell
Text of his talk for the OSL Online Telephone Conference Call on May 18, 2014
What would happen if the only active role we played was to reassure the person that they are in God’s presence and that God knows their need and knows exactly what to do for them… then to invite them to rest in the presence of God and to allow the Spirit of Jesus to fill, to surround and to heal them?

In the very beginning of Genesis we are told that God’s Spirit or Presence moved across the face of the earth bringing into being the world and all living beings, and that God was happy with creation because it was just as God meant it to be, perfect, whole and without blemish.  It wasn’t very long however, before the story changed and things began to come apart as we read about evil, sin, sickness, and disease, destroying that which God created to be perfect.

The Bible however does not leave us without the hope of a solution to this human dilemma because at the beginning of John’s Gospel, which we could call the story of re-creation we are told that the “word became flesh and dwelt among us and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth.”  God’s solution to bring creation back to the way it was meant to be was to send His Son, Jesus to become God’s presence in our midst as the word of life, and the Saviour and healer of the world. Genesis talks about creation and how humankind messed it up, and John gives God’s response by talking about re-creation and God’s solution to heal and restore it.   The story of recreation and renewal is rooted in and nourished by the fact that it is a result of God’s healing presence in our world.

The power of the healing presence of God is found in all of the healing stories.  As an example, in Mark 1:21-28, in the healing of the man with an unclean spirit the evil spirits recognized that when they were in Jesus’ presence they were also in the presence of Almighty God and that is why the evil spirit cried out, “What do you want with us Jesus of Nazareth, …I know who you are, the Holy One of God!”  At Jesus’ command the evil spirit threw the man down on the ground and then left him.  To prove that Jesus was sent to heal and restore us back to God’s original purpose in the healing stories one thing stands out and it is that in the presence of Jesus as in the presence of God evil, sickness, disease and sin cannot stand or remain because they are totally inconsistent with the will of God.  Healing consistently happened with Jesus because the presence of the living God dwelt within him and when evil, sickness, disease and sin met up with the presence of the living God in the life of Jesus they were conquered, defeated and destroyed.   Right from the very beginning of the Old Testament it is quite clear that creative and healing power flows in the presence of our creative and healing God and the New Testament is equally as clear in saying that that creativity and power resides in the life of Jesus and in the lives of those who are in Jesus.

The Bible continues to impart God’s healing message of love in the world today and the church is to proclaim it and to become an earthly vessel for God’s healing presence as it reaches out and tells the world that it is God’s will to heal and that God’s gift of healing comes to us in and through the presence of Jesus in our lives.  For Christians, the presence of Jesus stands at the centre of everything we do and is the message of everything we proclaim and the result of that proclamation is always renewal, restoration and healing.

Our OSL group just finished studying “Finding Hope and healing in the Bible” by Roy Lawrence.  In that book, in the framework of healing and the possession of healing gifts, Roy made the following comment:

“The scriptural centre point of the healing ministry does not lie in the possession of special gifts but in the practice of the presence of Christ.  ….Being a Christian involves ‘union with Christ’ – literally the experience of being ‘in Christ’ and the heart of the Christian healing ministry is union with the healing Christ.  We are called to be infected by his healing nature and then to pass on that infection to others.  It is a ministry for all Christians, irrespective of whether we may or may not have an individual ‘gift’.  It is the prime mission of the church within this sick world.  The New Testament stresses that the resources behind this mission must never be underestimated.  Indeed the transforming power of union with Christ is such that according to St. Paul it can be described as nothing less than ‘new creation’ (2 Cor. 5:17)  Page 106

Roy’s comment: “The scriptural centre point of the healing ministry does not lie in the possession of special gifts but in the practice of the presence of Christ and being a Christian involves ‘union with Christ’” rang true to some thoughts that I had been having and had tried to work with during the last few healing services that I had been asked to conduct. Since healing is a natural result of standing in the presence of the living God I wondered what might happen if our public services of healing were designed in such a way as to concentrate not so much on the ministry of prayer but on the ministry of the presence of God as a living reality in people’s lives.  I thought of how I and others had experienced the power of the healing presence of God in Mike Endicott’s Celtic healing service and wondered if there might be a way of facilitating that same atmosphere in a public healing service.

I decided to see if it was possible to design a public healing service in such a way that people could more readily experience the living presence of our healing God and experience the healing that flows not so much from our prayers but from simply being in the presence of our awesome God.  To do this the focus for receiving healing would be to come in silence into the presence of God and to allow God’s healing to flow.  I wanted to see if we could develop a way to help people become totally dependent on God for their healing and not on the healing service or on the ministry of the prayer teams.  I stressed the fact that the function of the prayer team was not to minister healing but to help the person focus on the healing presence of Jesus in their lives.  The team’s major role was to introduce the person to Jesus and then to get out of the way and watch Jesus do his work.  To do this we needed to develop a different approach to the practice of public healing prayer then we had become accustomed to practicing it.  In my experience the normal routine for prayer ministry was that a person would come forward and meet with a prayer team who would ask the person to state their prayer concern and then the team would pray accordingly asking God’s healing touch upon the person especially in the specific area of their lives that was their immediate concern.  My experience with this was that the prayer team might focus more on the expressed problem rather than helping the person to focus on the fact that they were standing in the presence of the healer.  I wanted to see what would happen if the only active role we played was to reassure the person that they are in God’s presence and that God knows their need and knows exactly what to do for them, then to invite them to rest in the presence of God and to allow the Spirit of Jesus to fill, to surround and to heal them.

To do this the prayer ministers were instructed to wrap the person in a prayer shawl which would symbolize being wrapped in the presence of the living God and then as a sign of the presence of living God working in their lives to anoint and lay hands on them to give them a sense of being surrounded and immersed in God’s love. In order to help the supplicant focus on God presence in their lives the prayer ministers were to say nothing except to reassure the person of God’s love and will to heal them and then in silence to just allow the Lord to minister his healing grace as they silently lifted the person up into God’s healing presence.

There are many ways that the church uses to minister the healing power of Jesus and most of us have seen people healed, restored and forgiven and equally most of us have seen people leave a prayer session seemingly in the same way that they came.  We don’t know why some people are healed through prayer and why others are not.  But I have come to believe that in any healing situation the reality is that most of the work is done and God’s healing has begun when a person makes and acts upon their decision to come forward to receive healing prayer.   I see that decision as the ultimate act of faith in the person’s life.  This has led me to believe that when one comes forward for healing verbal prayers are really not necessary because one can be confident that God is already at work and healing has begun and that God’s will for that person will be completed as that person is immersed in God’s healing presence.  How and when it will be completed is not our prerogative but is in the hands of the healing Christ.

One of the things that I have learned as I am sure that you all have about healing ministry is that Christian healing depends not on me but on God.  Approaching a service of healing in this way helps me to keep the focus on God and not on the person or on myself as a prayer minister.  I find that so often in a prayer situation that as a healing minister I was becoming frustrated because I was beginning to feel that the person’s healing depended on me getting things right which is totally ridiculous because I am not the one who heals and thanks be to God it is not in my mandate or yours to be the healer.  That is the mandate of Jesus and will of God in and through the ministry of Jesus.

To see how this might work in the context of a public healing service, we needed to deal with the logistics of the service.  To do this, chairs were set around the altar facing the altar which is the focal point of the Eucharist through which we receive healing as we take part in the Holy Communion.  Those who came forward for healing were seated as a chair became vacant.  Two clergy were given the responsibility to anoint each supplicant and lay people to wrap the person in God’s love and presence. Each person that came forward to receive healing would sit in silence facing the altar.  They would then be wrapped in a prayer shawl, anointed with the oil of healing and hands would be laid upon them as they were bathed in God’s presence.

In order to help people focus on God’s presence we played some quiet meditative healing music in the background during the prayer time.  After a period of time a minister would lead the congregation on behalf of the supplicants in an appropriate prayer for their healing.  We reminded them before they came forward to know in their hearts that God heals and wants to heal them.  As they were seated around the altar we encouraged them to rest in the presence of our healing God and allow the Spirit of Jesus to flow into them and around them… healing and restoring them to health and wholeness.

The power of this type of healing ministry was that there was no need to use words to persuade God to do something that is in the very nature of God to do anyway.  Noticeably different at these services was that one could sense in a most powerful way the presence of Jesus permeating the whole church, and instead of a few people coming forward for prayer… at least 90 to 95 percent of the congregation came forward. They were lined up in the aisle.  Something beautiful was happening not only in the lives of those who came forward, but also in the lives of those who did not.

The success and the real purpose of the healing ministry is dependant not on the effectiveness of our prayers but on the effectiveness of our ability to bring a person into the healing presence of Jesus. The power of the healing ministry truly has to do with resting in God’s presence and our role as healing ministers is to bring the person into that presence, introduce them to Jesus and then to stand back to witness the miracle of Jesus doing the work of healing.  As healing ministers it is not important or necessary for us to know what the person wants or should want or what we think God might want for the person we are there to be for them the tangible presence of the intangible God.  The most helpful thing we can do as ministers of healing is to bring a person into the healing presence of Jesus, help them focus on the healing Christ and then stand with them in silence and awe allowing God to speak and minister to them his healing grace.   You see we don’t have to have all of the answers in fact we don’t have to have any answers accept that God loves us and wants us to be healed which is the core of the Gospel as the old familiar hymn states so simply, “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so…”  Therefore we don’t need to feel responsible for praying all the right words because our role is to become for that person a tangible earthly presence through which the intangible heavenly God can and will act.   I have come to believe that it is true that God’s healing happens as we immerse ourselves in the healing presence of Jesus.

The wonder and beauty of the healing ministry is never if God will heal us but always when God heals us and that is the good news that we have for the world. As you have the opportunity to bask in the healing presence of Jesus just focus your life, your mind and your spirit on him and as you are wrapped in a blanket of prayer and anointed with the oil of healing know that you are receiving God’s gift of healing in your life.  Remember that God is love and God loves you and God’s ultimate act of love for you is to heal you and make you whole.  That is the Gospel and is the message of the cross which stands at the centre of our faith.  To that we say “Praise be to God, Amen.”

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healing through laughter?


How  did laughter and ascorbic acid (vitatimin C) heal a man severely ill — the connective tissues of his spine disintegrating and in severe pain.

This is the true story of Norman Cousins.  The book is available through Amazon for one cent.

The book is priceless as a story of hope, faith and the body’s ability to heal.  It’s a book for anyone facing or assisting someone with major health issues.

From Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins

Monerey Bay Forum

127 Jewell Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
United States (US)
Phone: 831 688 6002
Fax: 831 688 7717
Email: jaj48@aol.com
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Obama’s E.P.A. climate change regulations go bye bye?


climate change for real?

climate change for real? Ebell says no.  

You can expect Obama’s E,P.A.  climate change regulations to go bye bye? Yes.

Trump has put Myron Ebell in charge of everything to do with climate change.  Ebell started Cooler Heads Coalition to dispell myths about “global warming”.

Expect able Ebell to take on the Clean Power Plant regulations which come at a huge price which many say will have negligible impact on temperatures world wide.

Ebell is known for memorable sound bites.  In one Ebel refers to Al Gore as the forces of darkness as Gore  has said that he wants to turn off lights all over the world.

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Pat your dog


pat a dog

Pat your  dog  —  and feel better?

A 2009 study by Miho Nagasawa of Azabu University in Japan found that one’s level of oxytocin (the neurohormone that elicits feelings of happiness) raised intensely after interacting with their dogs. And the only interaction they needed was to stare into their dog’s eyes. Those who looked longer into their dog’s eyes had the bigger dose of oxytocin. Fun fact: A dog’s willingness to meet eyes with humans is one of the things that separates them from wolves.





Aptos Psychologist: Pat your dog. Train your  dog.  Exercise with your dog.  An excellent resource is the K9 Clinic in Watsonville, CA    http://www.k9clinic.com


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Zikes! When to terminate a pregnancy you say?

Zikes! When OK you say to terminate a pregnancy?

pregnant with Zikes?

pregnant with Zikes?

What if bitten by Zikes  mosquito?

So you are sitting with your child and partner at the beach in Miami.

Miami beech

Miami beech area has water on two sides


And you have with you your can of bug spray.  Do you feel safe?

Some women are wearing long sleeves and covering up as much as possible.

But Zikes can be spread through sexual transmission.

sex can transmite Zikes

sex can transmite Zikes


Maybe that woman’s partner got a few mosquito bites.  It is not until the second trimester that genetic testing may be done.

So much happens during a  woman’s pregnancy. A lot of genetic testing is not done until around week 20 — when a woman is already showing and already “nesting”.

What to do when the genetic testing news is not good?

As of August 19, 2016 the spread of Zika virus by mosquitos may be more widespread than Miami officials had thought.  Tourism may take a hit if this is the case.  It was thought that the mosquitoes transmitting the virus were limited to one small community north of downtown Miami

Now, 10 of a total of 35 Zika cases reported to date in Miami have no connection to the designated zone in Wynwood.

One man sitting on the Miami beech with his child and wife says that he has his bug spray can to keep him safe.  Follow the Zika story at BrooklynMama.com

Will bug spray keep you safe from Zika?

Will bug spray keep you safe from Zika?




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When OK you say to terminate a pregnancy? #MontereyBayForum links with #BrooklynSFMama to discuss First Year Life for Babies.

When OK you say to terminate a pregnancy?  MontereyBayForum links with BrooklynSFMama.com  a new website,  which  discuss first year life for babies and pregnancy. For many pregnant moms the possibility of genetic testing does not happen until around week 20  — well past when mothers are showing, have told family and friends and have started to make changes preparatory for their baby.



So much happens during a  woman’s pregnancy. A lot of genetic testing is not done until around week 20 — when a woman is already showing and already “nesting”.  What to do when the genetic testing news is not good?


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#BrooklynSFMama discusses pregnancy and a child’s first year.


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Healing: Beth Shalom Ministries Texas

Healing:  Beth Shalom Ministries Texas

Monte and Hugh from left

Healing:  Beth Shalom Ministries Texas


Healing:  Beth Shalom Ministries Texas


Healing:  Beth Shalom Ministries Texas

 Equipping the saints for the work of the Kingdom.

“Beth Shalom Texas Ministries  is a powerful ministry of inner healing. Every day we see the power of Jesus at work in people in need. Lives are turned around. Addictions are finally broken. Damaged marriages are restored. Diseases are removed.”

“Beth Shalom is committed to helping people discover true freedom in Christ.”

Mission Statement

 “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.  He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.”  Isaiah 61:1




Aptos Psychologist:  Hugh Bromiley was formerly married to  Khara Btoniley.

Khara and Hugh Bromiley  produced a book  titled,  In Search of a Miracle. See below.  It’s a very  good read concerning physical healing of Khara and more.   In Search of a Miracle is available in paperback. So far, I’ve not tracked down other books by Hugh Bromiley.     

In Search of a Miracle

In Search of a Miracle


Hugh and Monte Bromiley   live  in San Marcos, Texas.

Should you go, the weather in Texas is cooler in October!




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How to you pray? One way: Command prayer for healing

How do you pray?  How to pray for healing from disease ….


How do you pray?

One way:  Command prayer for healing


Christian healing based on Hunter’s technique described in How to Heal the Sick.


Written by Willaim De Arteaga,  July 17, 2016

Can this type of prayer heal Parkinson’s disease?

My wife Carolyn, who is older than I am (I’ll be 74 in August) was showing strange symptoms for some time. Her hands would tremble, she had daytime sleepiness, poor balance and several other symptoms.

She did not go to the doctor, as she has always been reluctant to go to doctors unless absolutely necessary. So she lived with the symptoms and wrote them off as “normal aging.”  But last week she heard a presentation on Parkinson’s from the web, and decided “Oh, this is what I probably have.”  She mentioned that to me, and she began doing some of the dietary things the web doctor suggested, as in not eating breakfast before 10:00 am, nor eating dinner later than 6:00 pm. In other words, a half day fast.

I did a quick search on the web which basically said there was no cure for the disease, and the symptoms gradually become worse. The cause was not definitely known, but it seemed to be related to a part of the brain called the “substancia negra” which means “dark substance.” This is a section which lies between both hemispheres of the bran toward the back. This area of the brain produces the dopamine necessary for the normal function of the nervous system, and brains afflicted with Parkinson’s produce less dopamine than normal.

Whit that information, and with my experience in command prayer (learned from the classic work on this by Charles and Francis Hunter, How to Heal the Sick, I began praying for Carolyn in this way. I placed one hand on the back of her head, and another under her chin near the neck. This way the healing energies of God, which are in some ways similar to electricity, could easily flow into the “substancia negra.”

I simultaneously prayed in this manner:

In Jesus’ name, I speak to the subsancia negraand command it to be healed. I command it, in Jesus’ name to be restored and rejuvenated to full health and full function. I command that dopamine be produced in normal quantities so that the nervous system be healed and perfectly well. I command all this in Jesus’ name

The next morning Carolyn found that she was substantially healed. The hand tremors had ceased completely. She was till a bit unsteady, but also better in this regard.

Now, one case does not mean universal healing is at hand.  But this is very interesting and easy to replicate. I would like those of you who read this post to try this type of prayer and see if you get similar positive results. Please describe you results after several days of this type of prayer, and add your comment to the comment section of the blog. Good results? No results? We need to see if this generally effective.

Note: I previously wrote an extensive blog posting on the Hunter’s discovery of command prayer. It can be seen HERE. You Tube has many of ther videos showing their way of prayer. Their classic book is available HERE.


The noted Pentecostal scholar Dr. Jon Ruthven wrote a very positive review of my latest book, Agnes Sanford and Her Companions: The Assault on Cessationism and the Coming of the Charismatic Renewal. You can access it HERE.


Aptos Psychologist:  Your hands tremble?  Are you low in dopamine?  Read more about Christian  healing through prayer on blogs by Willaim De Arteaga.

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