About Monterey Bay Forum

Monterey Bay, California

About MONTEREY BAY FORUM which  welcomes   NEW authors with the desire to write about what they know and love. Join us!  

Firenze Sage aka attorney James Jackson writes about freedoms  — freedoms to speak,  to assemble, to work.

Is it time to RECALL  California  Gov. Newsom who continues to tell all CA citizens to “shelter in place” and that  it’s a misdemeanor to do anything except “essential business”. 

Psychologist Cameron Jackson writes on healing, autism and stories in the news.   


Send email to  DrCameronJackson@gmail     or   JAJ48@aol.com

Authors who contribute  include:

           Attorney James Jackson who  writes on freedoms, politics   and stories in the news 

          Nurse Joe,  a former highway patrolman who  writes about his experiences as an ER nurse. 

          Psychologist Cameron Jackson, Ph.D.  who writes about autism, healing and stories in the news.  

          Photographer Joann C whose photo  appears on  Aptos Community Garden

MONTEREY BAY FORUM welcomes news of up-coming events happening in Aptos &  near Santa Cruz CA.

Links to those Events will be posted here.    So what’s happening you want others to know about?    

Send email to DrCameronJackson@gmail   and Request PUBLICITY for UPCOMING EVENT.

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