April 22 & 29 at Aptos Community Garden

COME! ALL  WELCOME!  Sunday,  May 7, NOON – 2 pm

Aptos Community Garden is now CLEAN and READY to welcome YOU!

All gardeners and public welcome! Raffle!  Food!

Come say hello! Some members and Pastor Dale below: christ lutheran peopleDale christ lutheran

Come  Sunday,  May 7,  NOON – 2 pm, Aptos Community Garden located off Highway 1 and Freedom Blvd.   10707 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003

There’s still a few choice garden plots not taken.  Come see! Info is available near the main gate of the Garden.  Call 831 688 5727 extension 2 and leave a message.

The owl house on the fence of the Garden  is still looking for a mom and pop to settle in.  Great to see the new owl family at Moss Landing.  

There are three community gardens in the Aptos to Santa Cruz area.  Closest to Aptos Community Garden is the community garden located  near Cabrillo College on Soquel Ave at Temple Beth El. Latest news  (Jan. 2017) is that the Garden there is not currently taking applications.




organic gardening

Organic gardening means no chemicals …. 

Again, welcome to Aptos Community Garden, 10707 Soquel Dr., Aptos, CA  831 688-5727 extension 2                            Know someone who can  control gophers & rabbits — those little critters  which love eating in our Garden.  Perhaps you know a retired person with outdoor skills? Or someone willing to learn how to trap them?   Perhaps this person  might like a garden plot in exchange for some gopher control?    Call 831 688-5727 extension 2 and leave a message.  Come visit:   10707 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA                                           Now’s a good time to plant sweet pea from either seed or six pack.  [Said by one of our gardeners.]
Organic  gardening plots are available at Aptos Community Garden, an 0utreach of Christ Lutheran Church in Aptos, CA http://www.AptosChurch.org    All are invited  to the Sunday 10 am Service and to  Share Food & Conversation which  follows. 
Hello  all gardeners!  Thank you for participating  in the Garden this year. You produced so many beautiful vegetables and flowers.  And now…. it’s “clean up” time.  So, fill those garbage bins!   And, please turn off your water if  not using it.   And, very important, pick your produce. Let us know if you cannot. (831 688-5727)   “Waste not, want not…”  Thank you!             
gene s

Thanks to Gene and many others….


You can stop by and look around Aptos Community Garden. From Highway #1 take the Freedom Exit and go to the end of Soquel Avenue — just past the California Highway Patrol office. That’s where Aptos Community Garden is located.


Aptos Community Garden continues to thrive …

Garden plots that we know are currently available have a small “red flag” on them. Other plots may come available in the not too distant future.

Take a look around and you will find application forms and other information.

Know about  the game Pokemon Go? You use a ‘smart phone’ with GPS and  camera and play the  game wherein you ‘catch’ imaginary creatures. How to start?  Download the app and go for it.  The ‘rules’ are elusive.  It’s fun.

Aptos Community Garden is a beautiful spot to play Pokemon to your heart’s content. Catch those critters!  Aptos Community Garden is a “gym” requiring “Level 5 status”.

Take a look at current photos of the garden on Twitter. Go Twitter, put a # followed by aptoscommunitygarden

Interested in gardening with others the organic way? Call 831 688-5757 ex 2 and leave your name and number.

When you have a plot and have to go out of town? — or you are sick? — or for some reason you cannot pick your lovely produce? — please call 831 688 5757 ex 2 and leave a message.

Someone will keep an eye on your plot and make sure that your vegetables are enjoyed by someone in need and do not go to waste.

Come and enjoy Aptos Community Garden. http://www.aptoscommunitygarden.info Garden the organic way. Take a stroll. Have a sandwich.  Something to do with your kids and grand kids:   play the  game Pokemon Go.

Aptos Community Garden news as of  Sept. 21, 2016:     1)    a picnic table  to the right of the main entrance area is  coming soon;   2)  bids from two gopher removal services will  be obtained in order to reduce gopher population using traps.

October 2, 2016:  Picnic table is in place  for people to enjoy.  Just to the right of the  main entrance.




gopher holes

gopher holes

picnic table

picnic table for gardeners and visitors


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