Trump’s speaking style drives news media nuts?

trump speaking styleTrump tells it as he see it  — and it drives some of  the mainstream news media people nuts?

“The president noted the mess in Europe with mass immigration and terrorists lurking among the migrants. He said that he loved Sweden, but “they know what I’m talking about.” Here, he was implying that the elites there and in their media might be hiding the truth, but the people know what’s going on there.

“As President Trump moved more into the policy positions, it felt like listening to an executive going down his To Do list. He recounted what had been accomplished so far but then listed what he wanted to do. The list was everything mentioned above, plus talking about cleaning up inner cities. He specifically mentioned Chicago and seven shootings in recent days.

“Trump’s  speaking style might drive a listener nuts, but it works. While the media tilts at windmills, the people who continue to listen after his opening salvo hear what he’s actually saying.

“They hear the meta-message, which is this: No more bowing and scraping, no more apologizing for being American, no more global village hoo-ha, no more gutting of the military, no more getting side-tracked on meaningless issues like bathrooms, no more moral equivalence, no more denial of obvious reality.


Monterey Bay Forum:  The above material  is from the American Spectator.


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opps – school bathroom for gender at birth

Opps.  Which bathroom now?inclusive-bathroom

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so where go for a job?

right-to-work-statesSo where go for a job? Head to a state with ‘right to work’ laws in place.  Or make your own job by  starting  your own business.

Right to work states  include: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho,Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Boeing  in South Carolina recently voted overwhelmingly not to unionize.

In California, unfortunately, many middle class job seekers are leaving the state.

Kenneth Troske, an economics professor at the University of Kentucky, said he thinks right-to-work laws  help states attract businesses.

“[It] sends a signal to businesses that, as a state, we are trying to make ourselves more open and friendly and flexible as possible for businesses that want to locate here,” Troske said.

He said businesses like the promise of flexible workplace schedules which can increase productivity.

“That’s essentially what the research shows, is that when plants become unionized, you see a decline in their productivity,” Troske said.


Monterey Bay Forum:  Trump’s domestic agenda — reduce regulations on business creation, reduce taxes in general — the domestic policies Trump  put  to the voters can create more jobs.  Now it’s time for the Democrats to work with the Republicans to create jobs.


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EPA: Pruitt confirmed as Secretary ends war on coal?


EPA Secretary Pruitt ends war on coal

EPA Secretary Pruitt ends war on coal

Under the new EPA secretary Pruitt — the war on coal is over?

Obama  started the war on coal.

More and more jobs across America as well as  in the coal industry  were disappearing every year of the Obama administration. That trend will change under Pruitt.

from  2/17/17: ” The rust belt was integral to Trump’s election in part because of their reliance on coal; for states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Indiana, three of which Trump won, Trump was the easy decision to get the people back to work and make the economy stable once again. Yet all four of these states have Democrats in office, all up in 2018 as well, who voted against Pruitt: Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey, Mark Warner and Joe Donnelly.

In a statement, Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning blasted these senators as “those politicians who voted against the Pruitt nomination told the workers in their states they prefer San Francisco radical environmentalist campaign cash over the votes and livelihoods of their constituents.”

Clearly, Heitkamp and Manchin are focused on creating jobs for their constituents and retaining their position in 2018, and proof was their vote for Pruitt. Brown, Casey, Warner and Donnelly, not so much.

President Obama led the war on coal, and now Scott Pruitt is about to end it as EPA Administrator.

The work Pruitt  has done in Oklahoma sets the stage for ending EPA overreach and in doing so, he can force other Democrats in the Senate to actually start listening to their constituents — or else face the music in 2018.”   above quote from


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Better border security with a fence? Within two yrs?

border patrol stations

border patrol stations

No fencing around — yes  — border security will be strengthened fairly soon.  So says Ryan and the new Homeland Security Secretary.

The new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), retired Marine General John Kelly, believes he can make good on President Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border in 2 years or less.

In an interview with Fox News late Wednesday, Secretary Kelly said, “The wall will be built where it’s needed first, and then it will be filled in. That’s the way I look at it.  I really hope to have it done within the next two years.”

Kelly’s attitude toward border enforcement is 180 degrees from previous heads of DHS — even under President Bush, whose Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson halted all interior enforcement in Southern California due to political outcry back in 2004.

As a General, Kelly is as accustomed to giving orders as following them.

While it may be an ambitious schedule, unlike his predecessors, Secretary Kelly will not have to fight the executive branch in order to secure the border. In the same interview, he sounded optimistic about Congress, saying that the money will come.

“I think the funding will come relatively quickly and like I said, we will build it where it’s needed first as identified by the men and women who work the border,” Kelly emphasized.

Speaker Paul Ryan confirmed Kelly’s optimism in an interview Thursday with Fox & Friends.

“We have already authorized this, meaning the law was passed almost 10 years ago,” Ryan said. “And then we will give the financing to Secretary Kelly and the border security plan. So, it’s really up to them as to how fast they can execute this policy. I think that’s great. He’s the kind of guy that can get this sort of thing done. He will have the funding to do it and he already has the authorization to do it.”

Ryan is referring to the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was passed by Congress, signed into law by President Bush, but never adequately funded and never fully executed.

According to a Yahoo News story, cost estimates are all over the map:  “Trump has said that his cost estimates for building the wall range from $4 to $10 billion, but other estimates put the price at $11 billion for 400 more miles of fencing. The MIT Technology Review estimated that a 1,000 mile steel and concrete wall would cost $27 to $40 billion.”

Whatever the cost, a wall is only one part of the solution — but according to those charged with securing the border, it is a critically important and welcome tool in their arsenal.

Even though Democrats are likely to throw up road blocks, citing environmental and other concerns—which have succeeded in the past in delaying construction indefinitely—Secretary Kelly has the backing of the President and his advisors. Whatever roadblocks arise, the retired Marine General is likely to steamroll over, tunnel under or just blow up.

Until today, the single most important component required to complete the border wall has not been money or materials, but political will.

Tim Donnelly is a former California State Assemblyman.

Author, Patriot Not Politician: Win or Go Homeless

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Trump: bye bye Commerce & Energy, hello save 10 Trillion


Eliminate Government agencies

Eliminate Government agencies

Listen to  Trump’s  Inaugural address — it may be bye bye time for Departments of Commerce and Energy

fish-as-govt—  so says The

And it’s time to save $10 TRILLION dollars over the next ten years.   Now that’s a campaign promise worth keeping.

Since 1995 there have been attempts to eliminate the Department of Commerce.  

According to Trump’s plan is to save 10 TRILLION over the next ten years.

Vought and Gray, who both worked for the Heritage Foundation, are laying the groundwork for  Trump’s so-called skinny budget — a 175- to 200-page document that will spell out the main priorities of the incoming Trump administration, along with summary tables. That document is expected to come out within 45 days of Trump taking office.

The administration’s full budget, including appropriations language, supplementary materials and long-term analysis, is expected to be released toward the end of Trump’s first 100 days in office, or by mid- to late April.

Trump’s plans are based on Heritage Foundation ‘think tank’ ideas how to cut the debt.

Here’s 100+ ways that the Heritage Foundation says will reduce the budget.

What about the cost of illegal immigrants?  When will that be addressed?

Perry, Trump’s pick for the Department of Energy,  no longer thinks that the department should be eliminated.  Of course, that would get rid of Perry’s new job!

What to do about the Energy Department?  How  about re-organize it and remove those  employees who are convinced that climate changes are largely man made?  Trump’s transition team has tried – unsuccessfully – to get a list of employees who have worked on climate change initiatives.


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who is an “oreo” ?

      oreoWho is an Oreo?  
 Earlier this week on the #FakeNewsNetwork CNN, Marc Lamont Hill saidPresident-elect Donald Trump’s diversity coalition are “a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people.”

The Morehouse College professor also made his feelings about Steve Harvey’s meeting with Donald Trump very clear:

…my disagreement is the way in which [Steve Harvey is] being used by folk like Donald Trump. Again, his intention is just to have a seat at the table. But when you’re at the table, you should have experts at the table. You should have people who can challenge the president at the table. … Because all — because they keep bringing up comedians and actors and athletes to represent black interests is demeaning, it’s disrespectful, and it’s condescending. Bring some people up there with some expertise, Donald Trump, don’t just bring up people to entertain.”

Firenze Sage:     Hill says,” Don’t you dare act like Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson you oreos”!!
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shed a tear for “the greatest show on earth”

     ringling-brothersSo-called “animals rights” activists targeted Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus and received plenty of coverage from compliant news media operatives with hysterical comparisons of elephants and tigers to  human slavery.
One hothead outside an Ashville, N.C. performance of Ringling Bros. declared that he was out there “to let the public know that wild animals don’t belong in circuses. They belong with their families.”  (Um, the same could be said of airline pilots, hip surgeons, mimes and fast-food workers still being paid less than $15-an-hour, but I’m guessing this guy doesn’t care if they spend enough time at home.)
PETA accused Ringling Bros. of “animal abuse” for—among other things—keeping tigers “held captive” before they performed. Maybe they’d prefer having the big cats roam freely through the audience, nipping off a finger or an arm if the mood struck.
Looney, but in the end the circus caved to the PC forces…who are now lighting-up the Internet and social media crowing about this victory.
Firenze Sage:  Don’t you just love the know it alls that speak for elephants and tigers.
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picking up the pieces after illegal aliens kill Americans


On Breitbart News Sunday, the Angel Moms who lost children or other loved ones to illegal alien crime said that the Trump administration plans to support a program aimed at helping American families devastated by illegal immigration put their lives back together.

Hundreds of taxpayer-funded programs assist illegal aliens, but not a single program exists specifically to help American victims of illegal alien crime, they told SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle.

Organized by the Remembrance Project’s Maria Espinoza, the Angel Moms described the immense emotional and financial costs burdening their families—and government’s complete indifference.

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Obama to Cubans: send them home to prison

  cuba-mapNo more Cubans can easily enter USA says Obama:

As a final sop to his friends and fans in Communist Cuba, President Obama yesterday abruptly ended the two decade-old compassionate immigration policy that allowed any Cuban who made it to U.S. soil to remain in this country and become a legal resident.

Cubans remain desperate to escape their miserable, impoverished nation and get into the United States.

Since October 2012, more than 118,000 Cubans have shown up at border ports of entry, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The 118,000 figure includes more than 48,000 people who presented themselves at the border between October 2015 and November 2016.

Obama moved after reportedly reaching an agreement with Cuban officials Thursday.

Cuban officials praised Obama’s action, calling the new agreement “an important step in advancing relations” between the U.S. and Cuba that “aims to guarantee normal, safe and ordered migration.” Ordered migration is apparently a Cuban euphemism for no migration.

“For this to work, the Cubans had to agree to take people back,” said Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser who both lied about the loophole-ridden Iranian nuclear nonproliferation pact and worked with journalists to generate fake news stories about it to win support for it.


Firenze Sage:  Ben Rhodes who famously lied about the Iran sellout is all over this too. The Cubans had to agree to take them back says Rhodes. Of course,  but back to what —  you swine?

Fleeing Cuba is a crime.   Whether the Cubans sent back to Cuba under Obama’s new fiat will be tortured, jailed, or executed is an open question but not one that Obama cares about.

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