The many freedoms which Americans enjoy include: 

Attorney James Jackson
Attorney James Jackson aka Firenze Sage

* freedom to travel;

*freedom of speech;

*freedom to work  & have a job  —  without joining a union;

*freedom to assemble;

 * freedom of religion.

“Freedom is the right to be left alone. Government is who rules us”  says attorney and author James Jackson.

 James Jackson comments on  stories in the news which  relate to  freedom:  political freedom and  economic freedom. 

Attorney James Jackson practices law in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties, California.  

James Jackson has been both a  prosecutor and a defense attorney.

Freedom topics:  

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FREEDOM:   800+ posts on  Crime, Economy, Jobs, Faith, Govt, Law, Politics and the Obama Administration.                 

                                     NEW BOOKS:

Shoveling Smoke:  Laws & Regulations Smother Jobs & Economy   by Firenze Sage aka James A. Jackson  is availale on SmashWords

Four More Obama Years by James A. Jackson is available on Amazon in the Kindle section.

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