Freedom … to kill? No. Freedom from guns? Not possible. Freedom from violence due to mental illness? Possible.


Take away guns? Medicate persons with violent tendencies?

Murdering  kids at school, youth at universities, parishioners at church and  people at music events.  That’s become a reality of USA life in 2018.  What can we do? Yes there are things we can do.

Yes —  there are drugs that can medicate and control violent urges to kill self and other.

No — it’s not realistic to take away 300 million guns from the U.S. population. Take away the guns is the “answer” according to some.  That is not realistic. Perhaps making it illegal for gun sellers to sell guns that spit out thousands of bullets — that’s possible.

Yes — a number of states have enacted laws so it’s easy to lock up persons who may harm others or themselves (including California).

Yes — shoot back!  That works.   There are stun guns and taser guns and  a variety of ways to arm persons who can “guard” at public places, e.g.,  schools, churches, malls and other places where people congregate.

Yes — use modern surveillance cameras, drones and modern technology  to watch those with known histories of violent histories.   And permit law enforcement to keep track and monitor persons who  post  violent threats via  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So yes — let’s get real.  There are too many young men (so far just men) who choose to kill others.

We must control persons’s with known, long term histories of  violent  urges via appropriate medication and appropriate incarceration.

Don’t ask for a federal government solution.  States must experiment and do what’s right for their citizens.

written by Cameron Jackson


Collusion. Who? Hilary and Fusion GPS colluded? Or Russia with Trump? Facts now suggest Hillary …



It all keeps rumbling along. Who colluded with who. Hilary or Trump?

Now we know that Hilary Clinton and the Democrat National Party paid $10 K  to create the ‘dossier’ on Trump which the Obama FBI people used to spy on Trump.  What’s happened to the Rule of Law?

Should the current Attorney General haul in all of the top  FBI guys and ask:  ‘Did you know personally that the dossier was created by the Clinton campaign?’  If they answer ‘yes’ then ….. fire them on the spot?    And prosecute them as criminals?



Firenze Sage: Trump put his money …. [ funded medical mission to Haiti]

Trump funded medical mission to Haiti

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that charges of bigotry against President Donald Trump remain unfounded because the president previously financed a 2014 medical mission to Haiti.

Paul said on Meet the Press, “I think it’s unfair to sort of paint him, ‘oh well, he’s a racist,’ when I know for a fact that he cares very deeply about the people of Haiti because he helped finance a trip where they would get vision back for 200 people in Haiti.”

Breitbart News wrote from Antigua, Guatemala in August 2014, “Paul raised tens of thousands of dollars through various donors, including real estate magnate Donald Trump, to help cover the Moran Eye Center’s trip costs,” which included a $10,000 donation from Donald Trump.

Sen. Paul’s communications team confirmed to Breitbart News that Sen. Paul solicited a donation from Trump for the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah to fund the trip to Haiti and Guatemala.


Firenze Sage:   And where were Durbin and the rest of the loudmouths. What did CNN contribute?



Firenze Sage: You have no secrets … [Twitter, Facebook, social media]

Everything you post on social media –Facebook & Twitter etc — can be used against you

Everything you post  on social media can and may  be used against you.

In their undercover investigation, James O’Keefe and other Project Veritas reporters secretly recorded Twitter employees as they allegedly revealed the extent the platform surveils users.

“Everything you send is stored on my server. You can’t [delete it], it’s already on my server now,” declared Direct Messaging Engineer Panay Singh. “So all your sex messages and your, like, dick pics are on my server now. All your illegitimate wives, and, like, all the girls you’ve been fucking around with, they are on my server now.”

“I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s gonna use it in your divorce,” he joked. “So what happens is, like, when you write stuff or when you post pictures online, they never go away. Like, they’re always on there… Even after you send them, people are, like, analyzing them, to see what you’re interested in, to see what you’re talking about, and they sell that data… Everything. Anything you post online.”

Mihai Florea, a software engineer at the company, corroborated Singh’s claims.

“That’s how we make most of our money,” he explained. “You’re basically paying for the right to use our website with your data basically, and it’s the same on every free website.


Firenze Sage:  Assume everything you write is useful blackmail material.




Remove Russian spyware [Kaspersky] from your personal computer? USA removes all Kaspersky products from government computers …


Kaspersky Labs removed from all USA government products. Is your computer safe?

Kaspersky Labs no longer operates on any USA government computers.  Is it on your personal computer?  There are various ways to remove if you choose to.   Here’s one link to remove Kaspersky. 

From the Wall Street Journal re Kaspersky products:

During hearings on the matter on Capitol Hill, “I thought the most damning example” came from intelligence-community representatives, she said in an interview. “When each of them got asked would you put Kaspersky on your own personal computer and the answer was no, that’s a pretty strong message that maybe we should be taking a look at this.”

In September, the DHS banned Kaspersky products from government computers, instructing agencies to remove any Kaspersky software and report back on where it was found. The public statement accompanying the ban reads like a declassified version of the intelligence community’s suspicion regarding Kaspersky:

“The risk that the Russian government, whether acting on its own or in collaboration with Kaspersky, could capitalize on access provided by Kaspersky products to compromise federal information and information systems directly implicates U.S. national security.”

Kaspersky says the DHS ban has had a “severe adverse effect” on its commercial operations in the U.S., with retailers removing its products from shelves and an unprecedented number of product returns. All the focus on collusion and interference by Russia put the spotlight on what the USA can do — and what we as citizens can do — to protect ourselves.


Aptos Psychologist Cameron Jackson:   It says it all when ‘those in the know’ refuse to put  anti-virus  / internet protection products by Kaspersky  Labs on their own personal computer.  All the focus on collusion and interference by Russia put the spotlight on what the USA can do — and what we as citizens can do — to protect ourselves.

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Firenze Sage: I want my mama … says DACA dance instructor convicted of two DUI’s


Arthur Murray dance instructor faces deportation  related to two drunk drives

DACA illegal immigrant Gantulga   faces deportation.  His parents, who overstayed their visas, returned to Mongolia with two younger children leaving him behind.

The Washington Post published a profile of   Gantulga  Wednesday that downplayed his two drunk driving charges.

The headline of the piece focused on the illegal immigrant’s work as a dance teacher, stating, “He taught lawyers, vets and more how to ballroom dance. Now his students are trying to save him from deportation.”

Galtsog Gantulga, affectionately referred to by dance students as ‘G,’ was allowed into the United States through the Delayed Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program. However, Gantulga lost his DACA status after he was caught drunk driving in 2016. Twice.

In the first incident, Gantulga hit a parked car. He reportedly fled the scene of the second. Sacchetti notes that Gantulga “took responsibility” for his crimes, spending a month in jail, selling his car, and joining Alcoholics Anonymous. But Gantulga also claims it “definitely wouldn’t have happened if my parents were here.” His parents left the country after they overstayed their visas. Leaving Gantulga behind,   his parents   returned to Mongolia with two younger children  born in the U.S.A.


Firenze Sage:   Here we go again.”He took responsibility for his crimes.” Actually he fled the scene of the 2d drunk driving with an accident and then moaned that if his deported parents were here, it all never would have happened. Go and dance elsewhere.


Hilary, oh Hilary, your classified emails keep surfacing! State Dept. redacts and releases Clinton’s emails from Weiner’s laptop]

Hilary Clinton’s classified  emails keep surfacing. Some of  Hilary Clinton’s  emails — found by the F.B.I.  on Huma Abedin’s husband’s  laptop  —   released today Dec. 31  were classified. The classified material was redacted– removed —  before releasing the emails.

The conservative group Judicial Watch filed suit against the State Department for all official department emails sent or received by Abedin on a email address.

“This is a major victory,” the group’s president, Tom Fitton, said in a Friday statement. “After years of hard work in federal court, Judicial Watch has forced the State Department to finally allow Americans to see these public documents.”

Fitton added, “That these government docs were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop dramatically illustrates the need for the Justice Department to finally do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law.”




Firenze Sage: yes indeed, poor Rudolph… [reindeer unsustainable?]




reindeer and Santa …

Rudolph ……  “unsustainable”?

An arbitrary command to kill reindeer herded by the Sami people?   Come on, Norway. Santa’s sleigh may be a few reindeer short as Norway’s Supreme Court has ordered a reindeer herder to slaughter much of his herd just days before Christmas.

reindeer herd deemed  unsustainable

The supreme court in Oslo ordered Jovsset Ante Sara, a reindeer herder of the semi-nomadic Sami people, to slaughter 41 of his herd of 116.  The court ordered the slaughter  on the grounds that a herd of his size is unsustainable and contributes to overgrazing, according to the New York Post.

Sara has successfully defended against the order twice since it was originally given in 2014.  He says that  he will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) since killing that many of his herd would make it impossible for him to make a living, according to The Guardian.

The semi-nomatic Sami people have a long history of herding reindeer in Lapland, Norway, Sweden and elsewhere  for over 1,000 years. See  pictures.  


Firenze Sage comments:   Notice the precision with which the know it alls issue a  ukases — kill 41,not 39 or 44.


Media bias? Tom Hanks: ‘It Concerns Me How Much Trump Attacks the Press…’ Oh?


media bias

Media bias?  In an interview with David Axelrod for CNN’s “The Axe Files,” actor Tom Hanks said it “concerns” him how much President Donald Trump takes on the press.

According to Hanks, the Trump administration’s “insidious” behavior to “denigrate” outlets like CNN and The Washington Post helps out “agenda-filled” institutions.

“As an American, it concerns me, because it’s monkeying around with our Constitution,” Hanks told Axelrod in the interview that aired Saturday. “It’s relatively obvious, I think, as what is trying to go forward. When you tear down these institutions to a level to [where] you can’t believe anything that is in any of them, that raises the stock of those agenda-filled other institutions, whatnot, so that if you can’t believe them, well that means you get to believe some of the other stuff that is in these and so, what is happening is that dilution of the great — they’re throwing dirt and oil into a bucket of water.”


Firenze Sage:  This is complete gibberish and like most actors Tom Hanks  knows little of what he speaks and can hardly speak extemporaneously.


Mulling over Mueller’s conflict of interests

 Mueller’s conflicts of interest.

Conservative media has taken a new tack against Mueller in recent weeks, zeroing in on the sale of Canadian mining company Uranium One to the Russia state-owned nuclear firm Rosatom.

Uranium One, at the time of the deal, held licenses for about 20 percent of America’s uranium production capacity. The sale was approved by nine members on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) in 2010, while President Obama was in office. Mueller was the director of the FBI at the time.

But reporting by The Hill has shown that the FBI had knowledge of bribery and racketeering schemes at Tenex, a subsidiary of Rosatom, before CFIUS approved the deal.

Republican lawmakers critical of the deal have questioned whether the FBI shared that information with other members of CFIUS before it was approved — an aspect of the controversy that conservative media has seized upon.

“Robert Mueller, I hope you’re watching, you need to testify under oath,” Fox News host Sean Hannity said earlier this month. “Back in 2009, he was the FBI director, this was when the bureau, the FBI so clearly had this information. He has conflicts of interest. There is no way the American people can trust Robert Mueller to investigate anything Russia-related. For him to be fair and impartial is impossible because of his past role in this. He should resign immediately, tonight.”


Comments:   What “crime” was committed and therefore Mueller investigates?   No crime has been stated.  Clearly there were and are on-going attempts of Russia and other countries to interfere in American affairs.  The General who lied did so during transition – not during the campaign.  So we should we impeach Trump …. what the mainstream media and  “the deep state” want  ….  because Trump fired FBI Comey who “knew” the General lied?

written by C. Jackson


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