Release YOUR home address? New York Times publicizes conservative’s address




The New York Times plans this week  to   releases information the  home  address  of conservative TV talk host Tucker Carlson, a talk show host that criticizes what the Times publishes.

Why?  So  Carlson  will be harassed at his home  and stop saying what he says about the New York Times.

What does Carlson say about the New York Times?For example, Tucker has criticized the New York Times for publicizing  their Project that America’s birthday was not 1776 but rather when the first slaves were brought to America.  America was founded for slavery and to perpetuate white supremacy — those are the kinds of opinions which the New York Times publicizes.   Tucker Carlson calls these opinions into question and the Times does not like disagreement.

We probably all know people who, because of their work, do not make their home address readily available.   Privacy for family and your home is a place of safety and security are important values to safeguard.

It’s time to tell the New York Times to CHANGE their WAYS.  Right?   Do so!

It’s time to tell the New York Times to “kill” their story on Tucker Carlson — which lists his home address.

The NYT could care less about privacy for Carlson and his family.   We do.  So do you?

Time to tell the New York Times to change their ways.   Right?


Ode to Hilary — Christians everywhere, beware?


stop killing

Ode to Hilary — Christians everywhere,  beware?  

Facts:  Obama/ Hilary accepted 13,000+ Syrian refugees  into the USA this past year ending Sept. 2016.

 Only 64 of the 13,000 accepted  as refugees to the USA  are Christians.  

Why so few Christians?

As you read this, hum the tune from  Peter Paul & Mary song:  Where  did all the  flowers go?    

where did all the flowers go?
where did all the flowers go?

“Where did all the flowers go …  
Syrian’s Christians,    ever more …

“Gone to graveyards ….  everywhere?  
Yes — gone to graveyards ……  everywhere.

“Five hundred  thousand  … Christians gone.   [that was the number of Christians in Syria]


“Oh so strong ….  they fled their homes,
and  left behind….

“their  ancient  bones,
And fled …. their  Muslim foes

filled  with Christian songs  

but left in  fear of Islam law.  That gives all power to the Muslim Pa.   

“So, where did all  the Syrian Christians  go?

Gone  and scattered  …. ever  more…

“Yes–  Gone and scattered …. ever more.      

Syrian Christians scattered everywhere …

“Thank you,  Hilary, Secretary Oooo,
That  this past year for evermore, 

64  Syrian Christians  came through  our  doors, 

Allowed in for now — perhaps for ever more.  

as refugees
To grace our  soil.”

Tell us  why —  Secretary Hilary Oooo  —   why so few?  So few?”


Aptos Psychologist: Ask Hilary why only 64  Syrian Christians out of 13,000+  Syrians were admitted to America this past year?

written by Cameron Jackson  



Why does Hilary take money from countries that hurt, stone to death, stigmatize women?

women stoned to death
women stoned to death in many countries 

Why does Hilary take money from countries which hurt, demean, stigmatize women?  From countries that stone women to death for sleeping with someone not their husband?

women stoned
Hilary gets money from countries where women are stoned to death.  

Ask Hilary why she takes money from individuals and countries that harm women.

In Saudi Arabia — which gives tons of money to the Clinton Foundation — women

**** cannot drive a car

****cannot go for a swim

****must use separate entrances for banks & places


Aptos Psychologist Cameron Jackson

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