UCLA hires student advocates — to “educate” peers about ‘whiteness’ and ‘patriarchy’


UCLA Hiring Student ‘Social Justice Advocates’ to Fight Against ‘Whiteness’ and ‘Patriarchy’

 This is not a drill.  Big Brother is taking names.

The backlash against the University of Arizona hiring “social justice advocates,” hourly employees who, as part of their duties, would be watching and reporting other students for “bias incidents,” was swift and pointed. Arizona only responded by changing the creepy job title, which generated another round of criticism.

You might think the explosion of awful PR would serve as a warning for other schools — but you’d only think that if you haven’t been paying attention. The rest of you could have predicted that, say, UCLA wouldn’t want to be considered less “woke” than Arizona:

The University of California-Los Angeles is offering to pay students to serve as “Social Justice Advocates” who will “educate” their peers about “systems [of] oppression.”

The Social Justice Advocates program seeks students who want to help their classmates “navigate a world that operates on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies,” and comes with a quarterly stipend, the amount of which has yet to be determined.

“Social Justice Advocates will systems [of] oppression and how they intersect and build upon each other to maintain the status quo,” the description continues. “Most importantly individuals and the collective will be empowered through liberatory scholarship and practices and strengthening their emotional intelligence to create change within their spheres of influence.”


Firenze Sage:  History majors alert. Remind the ignorant around you about who did this in the past.




500 fainting couches needed — quick — at Orange Coast College in CA

fainting couches needed at Orange Coast College


Sociology professor bans Republican Club

Quick – we need 500 fainting couches over here.    

As Republican Club students  are not allowed to attend a  college discussion.
The  sociology professor cited an ‘expectation that this is a safe space event.’
A professor at Orange Coast College in California banned the school’s Republican Club from attending a public African American/Women’s round table discussion in March — apparently over “safe space” concerns.
Jessica Alabi, a sociology professor, apparently e-mailed three campus officials announcing that she would not allow the students to attend.
The e-mail, a copy of which was obtained by the Washington Examiner, stated: Hi Kevin. I just told the Republican club that they could not come to the Curl Talk event. This event is an African American / Women’s round table discussion. I asked Vincent why was he doing this and I was very upset. He brought five people who kept saying that they were told that they could come to women’s history month events.  I just want everyone to be advised that the African American female students had and still have an expectation that this is a safe space event. If the college will not stand up to the Republican club, I have decided to stand up for myself and other students. Just wanted to keep you informed.

Firenze Sage:   Sociology anyone??


how to choose a church in Aptos, CA or elsewhere? Compare the cost of “out” versus “in”.

Christian church

Christian churches  & who can serve as leaders

How to choose a church in Aptos, CA  — or elsewhere?

One way is to compare two costs.

Compare the cost to maintain the   enterprise with the cost to do the goals of the  enterprise.  Compare the costs “out” versus “costs in”.

For all churches including Christian churches, there are “costs” associated with reaching out to the world with the good news which  they preach.    Most  Christian churches  — not all —  offer the good news of Jesus Christ.

What ever the “good news” offered, to do the enterprise of reaching out to others with the good news,  there are “costs” of maintaining a building, providing clergy and providing services on Sundays.  Right?

Find out the “costs” to maintain the enterprise.     And compare those costs with the costs to achieve the goals of the church enterprise.

st johns episcopalLet’s discuss one particular church in Aptos, CA and briefly compare it with two others.

Principle example:  St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Aptos, CA., commonly called St. John’s.

Per  St. John’s 2015 budget information, it costs  $317 K  to maintain the enterprise.  Roughly 110 persons  attend  St. John services on Sundays.  Divide the figures and it “costs” $2,881. or roughly 3K per attendee.  If every St. John’s   attendee paid roughly 3K,  that would fully fund maintenance of the church  enterprise ( e.g., pay clergy, staff, cost of building, Fair Share to episcopal diocese, payroll taxes).

Now, what are the “goals” that St. John’s  church enterprise hopes to achieve?  That’s a bit ‘ify’ but let’s try.

One  ‘goal’ (typical of most churches) would be to ‘equip the Saints’.  We know that cost.  That ‘cost’ at St. John’s  is roughly 3 K per attendee for services and small group meetings.

Another ‘goal’  for St. John’s  would be to do   ‘good works’ associated with that church.   One ‘good work’ associated with St. John’s (for many years)  is financial support to educate youth in Africa.

Many churches have goals, projects, ‘good works’  that they hope to achieve. Some local examples from other Aptos, CA churches:

For example, the catholic church in Aptos pays  once a year for several buses to take children to visit their parent(s) in prison. Support for families connections is an important goal for this church.

The Lutheran church in Aptos (together with two other denominations) supports clean water and latrines in San Salvador.

Twin Lakes  church in Aptos supports missionary activities in various parts of the world.

Clearly, support for goals besides maintenance of the enterprise are vital for Christian churches.  Right?

What about  pass through money?  St. John’s in Aptos  calls goals such as supporting education in Africa as “pass through” money — money that goes towards a worthwhile goal  which does  not go to maintain the enterprise.

For St. John’s, let’s look at what occurs when attendees support maintenance of the enterprise compared to support for goals / projects supported by the church.

Here’s a hypothetical:  Let’s say that two women both give $1,000 a year  to St. John’s.   Both have been members for 10+  years.

Woman A  at St. John’s gives her $1,000 to  a church sponsored ministry which  educates  youth in Africa.  Woman A has given money to this ministry for a couple of years.

Woman B at St. John’s gives her $1,000 to  the fund which pays  the clergy and maintains  building. Likewise, this woman has given money for several years.

In the fall of 2016, both women   apply  to serve on the church board.  Elections occur in December, 2016.   Can both serve?   Nope.  Why?

The woman who gave “pass through” money  — that went to achieve a goal of the church (educate African youth) — cannot stand for election to the St. John’s  church board.

The woman who gave documented money to the  St. John’s designated fund (which pays for the clergy/ building, Fair Share to diocese, taxes)  can stand for election.

What does this mean?  It does say something about values….






test for migrants to Australia: questions on female genital mutilation…

female genital cutting Freedom to protect a country’s values?  That’s what Australia is doing.

Australia recently  broadened the test migrants must pass.    The new  test  gauges a migrant’s attitude towards “Australian values”. The new  test includes questions about child marriage, female genital mutilation and domestic violence.

Recently in Sidney a man wearing a Christian cross was beaten and had his cross taken from him by a group of Muslim men and women.  Is it time for countries to defend their values?


No freedom to speak for conservatives Ann Coulter or Horowitz at CAL Berkeley

ex-President Fox of Mexico speaks at CAL Berkeley but Ann Coulter cannot speak there.

ex-President Fox of Mexico speaks at CAL Berkeley but  conservative Ann Coulter — scheduled to speak on immigration — cannot speak at CAL Berkeley.

  Ex-President of Mexico Fox  speaks  at Berkeley. On immigration and other issues.    Conservative Ann Coulter — scheduled to speak April 27 on immigration —  cannot.

CAL Berkeley tells conservative  Ann Coulter that the university cannot protect her from possible riots. Therefore,  CAL Berkeley told Coulter she cannot come on campus  to  discuss immigration on April 27.

Don’t the police protect students and visitors to the  CAL Berkeley campus?

    It’s time for the Berkeley and Oakland police to protect life and property of students and visitors to the CAL Berkeley campus?

What did  the  former President of Mexico Fox say about immigration? That would be an interesting conversation —  Ann Coulter and ex-President Fox discussing immigration.  


Former President of Mexico  Fox  continues to engage in political discourse, most noticeably through his tweets in which Fox expresses his open disagreement with President Trump’s stances on immigration, and calls for the American public to “wake up.”

CAL Berkeley, a liberal college,   had to “cancel” yet another guest speaker because of safety concerns. The Berkeley College Republicans, BridgeCal and Young America’s Foundation were planning on having Ann Coulter address their groups, until they received an email from the university’s vice chancellors.

“We have been unable to find a safe and suitable venue for your planned April 27 event featuring Ann Coulter,” vice chancellors Scott Biddy and Stephen Sutton emailed the student groups. “In the wake of events surrounding the planned appearance by (right-wing speaker) Milo Yiannopoulos in February, as well as several riots which have occurred in recent weeks in the city of Berkeley, we have increased our scrutiny regarding the time and location of high-profile speakers so that these events can go forward unimpeded.”

The university also requested that if Coulter should decide to still come to the campus, that they not disclose the location until closer to the event and only students would be allowed to attend. She agreed to the conditions but told the university she had her own conditions, as described on YAF’s blog:

1) That the University of California chancellor request that the Oakland chief of police refrain from telling his men to stand down and ignore law-breaking by rioters attempting to shut down conservative speakers, as he has done in the past; and

2) That UC-Berkeley announce in advance that any students engaging in violence, mayhem or heckling to prevent an invited speaker from speaking would be expelled.

As Coulter explained, “If Berkeley wants to have free speech, it can have it.”

Last week, conservative speaker David Horowitz’s speech was also canceled after UCB police told the student groups Horowitz’s safety could not be ensured. The decision was made after the university instructed the group to hold the event during the middle of the day and on the outskirts of campus.

The Republican groups on Cal’s campus feel the cancelation of conservative speakers is an infringement upon their First Amendment right to free speech.

Now the question becomes: will Berkeley ever do anything to ensure conservatives can come to the liberal hotbed without a riot ensuing?

My guess? It’s probably not at the top of their priority list.

UPDATE: Coulter spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, telling them:

“Yes, it was officially banned,” Coulter said of her planned April 27 appearance. “But they can’t stop me. I’m an American. I have Constitutional rights.”

Coulter had accepted an invitation from two campus groups — the Berkeley College Republicans and BridgeUSA — to deliver a speech about immigration, the topic of her last two books, both of which were New York Times bestsellers. “If that’s banned, then no conservative can speak,” Coulter told THR on Wednesday.

“Meanwhile, corrupt banana republic leaders like Vincente Fox have the red carpet rolled out for them on the taxpayer’s dime.” Fox, the former president of Mexico, spoke in Berkeley this week.


Harvard University: name calling is lame …

  mean-mindedMean-minded: means  uncoopeative, un-kind, unfair.

 Freedom to express ideas too often   results  in personal   name calling.  You’re mean-minded!  Oh?  

This happens too often   in churches, at colleges  and  by other entities.

Rather than examine the validity of the message, go after the messenger.

Instead of answering why one disagrees with an idea  — e.g.,   someone says that  an Aptos CA   church board  made a dumb decision to get rid of  a board reporting to it   or  someone says that  a college department  at Harvard  made  a dumb decision to  require  a poltically correct course   — critics  attack the author expressing the idea.   She’s out to hurt us. She’s mean minded.  Sound familiar?

A recent illustration:

harvardThe Chair of the Department  of English at Harvard  — James Simpson —  recently   maligned  author Heather Mac Donald for her  “mean-minded article”. Mean-minded?   What in the world does that mean?

Jim Simpson, Chair

Jim Simpson, Chair

 Dept. Chair  Simpson adds nothing to explain what he means.  But being “mean-minded ” certainly sounds bad.  See  Jim Simpson’s Wall Street Journal letter titled Great Literature Magnifies Repressed Voices, Always

  heather mac donald manhattan instituteWhy malign author  Heather  Mac Donald for criticizing a new requirement of Harvard University  that all  English majors must take a politically correct class? It’s widely known that institutions of higher learning have become more and more politicized in recent years.  It’s a topic  which parents and all persons concerned with education are increasingly  concerned about.

Ms Mac Donald wrote a OpEd titled,  Does Harvard Consider Oscar Wilde Marginalized?

Mac Donald writes,  it used to be that English majors at Harvard were free  to “pursue the subline free of political overlay…” but now Harvard requires a course in authors who have been “marginalized for historical reasons...” “Told that literature is one long process of “marginalization” she [the English major student]  is less likely to lose herself in the shady pastoral poetry being instead on the hunt for partiarchy...”She has been primed to see marginalization, usually her own, evem hilariously at regally privleged Ivy League schools…”  


Aptos Psychologist:  take away  Let’s stop attacking the messengers and listen to the messages?

And, if a decision is bad — it’s always possible to re-consider it!

And, let’s protect freedom of speech — in churches and on college campuses.




Dynamic Duos: Christian Saints Charles & John Wesley

hymns of faithChristian saints John and Charles Wesley are remembered and discussed today,  Friday, March 3,  5:30 pm at St. John’s in Aptos during evening prayers.

During March 2017  different dynamic duos  — Christian saints linked in ministry — will be remembered and discussed at St. John’s in Aptos, CA during the Friday 5:30- 6:00  evening prayer service.

Methodist preachers John and Charles Wesley are linked together in ministry.

Charles Wesley  wrote over 6,000 hymns including Hark the Harold Angel Sing.

Charles Wesley  is remembered March 2 in the Calendar of Saints for Evangelical Lutherans,  March 3 in the Episcopal Calendar of Saints and March 29 in the Order of Saint Luke calendar.



Media: their job is to control exactly what people think some say

fake-news-pppListen up ….

Controlling “exactly what people think” is the job of the media, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski boldly declared Wednesday morning.

While discussing President Trump’s entreaties to the American people to remain skeptical of the press, Bzezinski worried that if the economy turns south, Americans may end up trusting him over the media.

“And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he  [Trump] could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think,” Brzezinski said. “And that, that is our job.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Exactly. That is exactly what I hear. What Yamiche said is what I hear from all the Trump supporters that I talk to who were Trump voters and are still Trump supporters.

They [Trump supporters] go, ‘Yeah you guys are going crazy. He’s doing — what are you so surprised about? He is doing exactly what he said he is going to do.'”

BRZEZINSKI: “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he [Trump]  can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.”


Firenze Sage;  These totalitarians think this is what freedom of the press is all about. Journalism school or indoctrination camps?



Sanctuary city lost $410 K school revenue in one day


PVUSD lost $410 K as students refuse to attend one day

PVUSD lost $410 K as students refuse to attend one day — Watsonville, CA sanctuary city

Sanctuary city Watsonville CA school district  PVUSD  lost $410 K  school revenue in one day  —  because 7,600 students failed to attend school on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017.

Students choose freedom of speech over a free, public education provided by CA taxpayers.

On the average it costs about $10,600 to educate a student through public education

Thursday PM there was a Day without Immigrants protest calling on all immigrants to abstain from work, school or shopping.


Jesus: “Who do you say I am?” Come Wed. Jan 11 Aptos St. John’s


    jesus-blueA six-week encounter with Jesus in the Gospel of John will begin Wednesday, January 11, 7:00 pm at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Aptos.  Address:  125 Cantebury Drive

Join Joanne Peterson, Doug and Hannah Crocker, Alliee and Michael DeArmond, and Andrea Seitz in exploring the scripture.

Each evening will be led by different people and will focus on a particular chapter in John.

Participants should bring a Bible and some kind of notebook / journal.

The hour and a half evenings will include reading the chapter, a short introduction, time for personal reflection and discussion.

Dinner won’t be included, but there might be snacks.

For more information, email Alliee: adbooks@aol.com

Please SHARE this info with your friends and acquaintances. Thanks.


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