Count your blessings

Count your blessings is easy to say.

Count your blessings

Try it.   When five or six children ages two  upward were asked  by a pastor one child said:  ‘my toys’.  Another child said, ‘food, but not all of it’.  And a third child said, ‘home’.

Food. A roof over your head. A toilet.  Some basic things we take for granted people pray for every day.

People pray for
People pray for

Ads on TV prey on people’s insecurities, i.e., if you use this toothpaste your teeth will shine pearly white;   if you buy this car then people will think you are successful and smart.

What really matters? Those relationships that you rely on.  People matter.

Watch out for greed.


Asked to decide how an inheritance should be settled Jesus said ‘nope, I’m not telling you how.  The Jesus told a parable about a man whose land was very productive.  The man talked to himself saying, I will do this…. I will do that…. I will make larger barns…. I will eat, drink and be merry…   The man reference “I” many times.  There were no “we can do this with what the land has produced…”

To watch out for how TV influences you, try timing the ads.  And then turn off the sound and look at the images you see.


Do you really think that thing will make you happier?

So, count your real blessings.  And watch out for ways TV encourages greed.

The above is  based on Children’s Time with Pastor Dale Sollom-BrothertonJuly 31, 2016, at Christ Lutheran Church

Aptos, CA.  Children’s Time occurs  at the beginning of  Sunday 10 AM worship services.


Aptos Psychologist:  Start your day with thanksgiving!  What are yours?