Firenzie Sage: (ecosexuality) Another subject for the California curricula

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Ecosexuality: Earth as Lover, not Mother
Ecosexuality: Earth as Lover, not Mother

Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle are a legally married same-sex couple, having tied the knot in Canada in 2007. But they don’t consider lesbianism their primary sexual identity.

First and foremost, they’re ecosexuals.

Taking tree-hugging to a whole new level, Stephens and Sprinkle have married the moon, the sky, the ocean, the Appalachian Mountains and the snow in a series of color-coordinated, nudist-friendly weddings that have attracted hundreds of people. And they’ve done it all in the name of ecosexuality.

Asked to sum up the nascent ecosexual movement in a sentence, Stephens (who chairs the UC Santa Cruz art department) replies, “We’re changing the metaphor from Earth as mother to Earth as lover.”


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