Firenze Sage: Fraud everywhere but here …[phony tax returns]

Watch out for Tax Scams ...
watch out for Tax Scams ...

The debit card incident is but one example of what some in law enforcement see as the inability of the IRS to stop the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds from federal coffers into the pockets of Tampa-area criminals who are spending taxpayer money on expensive cars, jewelry and illegal drugs.

The fraud involves the filing of phony tax returns using Social Security numbers and other personal information stolen from living and dead people — and sometimes purchased from willing participants.

Here is the New York Times editorial take.

There is almost no voting fraud in America. And none of the lawmakers who claim there is have ever been able to document any but the most isolated cases. The only reason Republicans are passing these laws is to give themselves a political edge by suppressing Democratic votes.
The New York Times deigns not to remember the numerous Florida felons who just voted or the Chicago dead who routinely vote.

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