Firenze Sage: SEIU is a thuggish band of robbers …

State law requires caregiver for a totally disabled relative to pay SEIU union dues which are automatically deducted from pay check. Supreme Court will weigh in on the legality. What say you?

SEIU union dues

SEIU union dues

Theresa Riffey provides help around the home for her brother, a quadriplegic, and receives a small stipend from Illinois’s Medicaid program for her efforts, saving the state the cost of providing full-time care. Illinois law requires her to pay a portion of her check every month to an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The Supreme Court will soon decide whether to hear her case that asks on what basis, besides raw political power, a state may compel independent home-care workers and other similarly situated self-employed persons to support and associate with a labor union against their will.

The new Robin Hood motto: Take from the caregivers and give to the fat cats.


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