Aptos Psychologist: Potty training app for children with autism and developmental delays

How to potty train children with autism and other developmental disabilities go to http://www.avakid.com

“This unique potty training app provides a simple menu to create a cartoon avatar that physically resembles your child/children, and then enables your child to repeatedly play the Go Potty narrative showing him/herself successfully complete the whole process of using the potty step by step. There is also an accident scene. The layout is intentionally simple and free of distractions so your child’s attention will be focused on him/herself using the potty. The app includes 15 actionable potty training tips including concrete advice about preparation, behavioral reinforcement, behavioral shaping, when to continue vs. take a break, and more.”

Information on this potty app was found on Autism Speaks:


Autism Speaks is a great resource for families with children with autism.


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